Most pan of the Hunger Games franchise root for heroine Katniss Everdeen to finish up v compassionate baker Peeta Mellark (as opposed to hunter/warrior Gale Hawthorne). The very committed readers and viewers contact this pair Everlark (even though they could speak to it Katpee or Peeniss), and think that have everlasting love.

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This is no something the is evident by the fictitious pair"s onscreen kisses and also final film Mockingjay - part 2, despite the reality that the two space literally in life-or-death situations.

Yes, we recognize Katniss is a strong, elevation woman, and also her love life is no at every the many important component of Hunger Games... but wow, those pecks to be neither warm nor heavy.

Here room 7 the Katniss"s most essential kisses, ranked from the very least to most awkward (with both Peeta and also Gale):

1. Quarter Quell makeout with Peeta, Catching Fire

by far the many passionate kiss the the franchise, till Johanna interrupts.

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2. On-camera kiss v ailing Peeta, Hunger Games

3. Gale goes for it, Catching Fire

4. Katniss kisses almost-dead Gale, Catching Fire

5. Katniss gives Gale pity kiss, Mockingjay - component 1

6. Katniss do the efforts to win over a brain-washed Peeta, Mockingjay - component 2

Katniss gives Peeta a dispassionate peck. Katniss: "Stay through me." Peeta (with more emotion 보다 the kiss): "Always."

7. Katniss provides Gale one more pity kiss, Mockingjay - component 2

Gale to know the dead kiss isn"t legit. Gale: "It"s prefer kissing who who"s drunk... Doesn"t count."