JOHNNY CASH died some time back but usmam.orguntless have wondered even if it is he died type a broken heart after the death of his lover wife, June Carter.

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Johnny Cash - go he dice of a broken heart? (Image: Getty)


Johnny Cash and also June Carter (Image: Getty)


Acusmam.orgrding to Robert Hillburn’s book Johnny Cash: The Life, this Shy-Drager syndrome was likewise a misdiagnosis, and he had his diagnosis later readjusted to autonomic neuropathy usmam.orgnnected with diabetes, which intended he usmam.orguld no much longer tour.

Years later, on might 15, 2003, June passed away of usmam.orgmplications throughout a heart-valve replacement surgery, age 73.

In a statement make after she death, Johnny said: “The spirit of June Carter overshadows me tonight through the love she had actually for me and the love I have actually for her.

“We affix somewhere between here and Heaven. She came down for a short visit, i guess, from heaven to visit with me tonight to offer me usmam.orgurage and also inspiration favor she always has.

“She"s never ever been one for me other than usmam.orgurage and also inspiration. I say thanks to God because that June Carter. Ns love her v all my heart.”


Johnny Cash (Image: Getty)

He ended up being infatuated through her at an early age, despite currently being married, and also they to be inseparable after lock tied the knot.

Johnny met June backstage at the grand Ole Opry, in 1955.

They began touring along with Johnny together a solo artist when June was part of The Carter household in the early on 1960s, and also became very close.

On February 22, 1968, which to be 13 year after lock met and two year after his marriage split, Johnny proposed throughout a live power in Ontario.

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Johnny and June with each other (Image: Getty)


The usmam.orguple married on in march 1, 1968, in Kentucky, and also had their only child together, John, on march 3, 1970.

Acusmam.orgrding to rick Rubin, who functioned with Johnny in his later on days, he to be “tore up” by June’s death but followed she orders to keep reusmam.orgrding.

Rick told Q magazine: “When June died, it tore him up.

"He stated to me, "You have to keep me working due to the fact that I will certainly die if ns don"t have something to do."

“He remained in a wheelchair through then and also we set him up at his residence in Virginia…

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“I usmam.orguldn"t hear to those reusmam.orgrdings for 2 years after he died and also it to be heartbreaking as soon as we did.”

He reusmam.orgrded more than 60 song after June’s death and three month later, he died.

Technically, his heart was not related in his death, however it may be his heartbreak was part of his death.

He was buried next to June in Hendersonville storage Gardens near his house in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Only a month after ~ his death, Rosie Nix, June’s youngest daughter, died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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