In April 1687, 16 year-old Katherine Tyler (known transparent the story as Kit Tyler) pipeline her house in Barbados ~ her grandfather dies and also a 40-year-old guy tries to marry her. She goes come Wethersfield, Connecticut come live through her Aunt Rachel and also Uncle Matthew in their Puritan community.

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In Connecticut, there is a short stop in Saybrook, a small town simply downriver from Wethersfield, whereby four brand-new passengers board the Dolphin, the delivery on which Kit is traveling. Together the small rowboat returns to the ship, a tiny girl called Prudence by chance drops her doll in the water and also begs her mom to obtain it earlier for her. Her mother, Goodwife Cruff, harshly strikes Prudence and tells her not to be foolish. Impulsively, Kit jumps right into the water and also retrieves the doll. She virtually freezes in the frigid water because she was supplied to the pleasantly warmth water in Barbados, her old home. Once she return to the rowboat, she is met with astonished suspicion, as couple of people in Connecticut can swim therefore well. Goodwife Cruff is the most cynical of them all, believing Kit is a witch, saying, “No respectable woman might stay afloat favor that.” but Kit knew exactly how to swim because she resided in the islands. Top top the slow expedition upriver, Kit befriends man Holbrook, an additional passenger coming to Wethersfield to study with Reverend Gershom Bulkeley. ~ the Dolphin reaches Wethersfield, Kit admits to the captain the the ship the neither her aunt no one uncle to know she is coming. She says that they would certainly welcome her due to the fact that she is family.

When she arrives in Wethersfield, Kit find Wethersfield really different indigenous Barbados. In she previous home, she had actually servants, however here she is expected to work along with the remainder of the family. Over there is none of the high-end to i beg your pardon she was accustomed, and also even the weather is miserably cold. She has actually two cousins, Mercy and also Judith. She is forced to to visit church meeting services twice each Sunday, which she finds long and also dull. She meets the rich, 19-year-old william Ashby, who begins courting her, though she go not treatment for him; originally, she cousin Judith had actually hoped to marry William, but soon sets she sights on man Holbrook, currently a divinity student examining with regional minister Gershom Bulkeley.


Huckleberry “Huck” Finn and his friend, thomas “Tom” Sawyer, have actually each come right into a considerable sum that money as a result of their previously adventures...

One day, after john Longridge leaves for a two-week duck hunting trip, the animals, feeling the lack of their human helpers, collection out to shot to uncover their owners, the Hunters.

Adam is an eleven-year-old young who desires to become like his father, Roger, and to execute so that tries to it is in the best minstrel in England.

Jethro has actually three brothers, Bill, John and also Tom. John, Tom, and their cousin Eb space eager to fight for the Union in buildup to polite war.

Thrilling crime-solving exploits that Holmes and also Dr. Watson in a repertoire of adventure classics: “The Red-Headed League,” and more..
Gandalf top Bilbo into hosting a party because that Thorin and also his band of dwarves, who sing of reclaiming the Lonely Mountain and also its substantial treasure native the dragon Smaug.
David is naive yet resourceful; his parents have actually recently died, and also he is the end to do his method in the world...
The story begins in the Boston, Massachusetts silversmith shop the Ephraim Lapham, wherein protagonist Johnny Tremain is a promising apprentice...
Anne′s older sister Margot obtained an main summons come report to a Nazi work camp in Germany, and also on July 6, Anne entered hiding through her father Otto, mommy Edith, and also sister Margot.

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