Investing exclusively in john Hancock steady Value Guaranteed income FundManaged by man Hancock Life Insurance company (U.S.A.)

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Risk/Return Category1A


UNDERLYING fund Highlights

Why consider this Fund

You desire a fund where the main objective is the conservation of capital girlfriend want principal protection and steady returns regardless the the market setting You desire the protection of one account value guaranteed by john Hancock

Investment Objective and also Policies

Seeks to provide steady and stable returns with liquidity and also a insurance of principal and interest

Investment Process

The man Hancock steady Value guarantee Income fund seeks to preserve capital and carry out stability of major while earning present income the exceeds money sector rates over the long term. The fund is a steady value product the guarantees major and collected interest. Promises are provided to participating retirement plans v a rider on a team annuity contract approve by man Hancock Life insurance Company. The interest rate is claimed in advance of the semiannual price reset period. The rate is typically guaranteed for six months. Crediting price is collection on January 1 and also July 1 of every year. If the weighted worth of details indexes alters by an ext than 2%, man Hancock to make reservation the right to reset the crediting price on October 1 or April 1. Crediting price is set in advancement and is guarantee by john Hancock Life Insurance agency (USA) and also will not be less than 1%. Withdrawals for setup distributions, loans, hardship withdrawals, and transfers to various other investments will certainly be payment at full value. Withdrawals resulted in by the plan sponsor may either be paid out automatically (subject to a industry value adjustment) or in ~ the complete contract worth over a duration of 5 years. For further details concerning risk and also other threats that may use please refer to the john Hancock steady Value guaranteed Income money Product Guide.
Sub-Account inception Date: July 24, 2020 Underlying money Inception Date: July 24, 2020 ¥See essential notes.

The full revenue man Hancock receive on this money is greater than those recommend or sub-advised exclusively by unaffiliated entities. John Hancock and also its affiliates carry out advisory and/or sub-advisory services for the basic fund. Because that these services, john Hancock and also its affiliates receive extr fees i m sorry are included in the underlying fund expense ratio (i.e. Fund price Ratio or FER).

**A fund’s invest objectives, risks, charges, and also expenses need to be taken into consideration carefully prior to investing. The performance data presented represents past performance. Previous performance is no guarantee of future results. The current crediting rate is guaranteed just until the following rate reset date; crediting prices in future periods may be higher or lower, yet in no case less 보다 1%. Performance does no reflect any applicable contract-level or particular participant-level charges. These charges, if included, would otherwise reduce the complete return for a participant’s account. Performance information existing to the most recent month-end is accessible on ours website Unless your setup sponsor has chosen the industry Value restore feature, there space no proclaimed fees for investing in this fund. John Hancock is obligated to salary the guarantee crediting rate for each price period. In the event John Hancock is able come earn more than the crediting rate and the price of operation the fund, man Hancock will keep that distinction as its compensation. If john Hancock earns less than the crediting rate, man Hancock will certainly pay the distinction out that its own funds.Withdrawals or move initiated by attendees will generally be paid at book value, except where they space the result of plan sponsor actions. Withdrawals that room the result of plan sponsor actions may be subject to a market value mediate or paid the end in 5 installments over 60 months.

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Principal threats include:issuer guaranteed, merger and also replacement, personal fund and also john hancock credit. For an ext details, see hazard Disclosures section of this booklet