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I was using the lawn tractor once it started gaining dark. Ns went to rotate on the lights and also turned the to turn off instead. I switched it earlier on (without letting it just shut down prefer a dummy). That"s when it started backfiring. The engine is the double cylinder Kawasaki engine. It could be the coil me believing that its one cylinder not firing. Later today (its my daughters 21 birthday) i am going to disconnect every spark plug one in ~ a time to check out if mine suspicions are correct. I really suspect that its among the 2 coils component number UC11197. Before I acquire all the "Change the spark Plug and also drain the gas" its been done.
follow up
I went out to mine X310. I began out just starting my tractor and it ran but an extremely rough. I disconnected the right plug wire and also the tractor began running the exact same rough however running. I shut it down and also reconnected the right and disconnected the left. Ns couldn"t gain the tractor come start. I understand I"m ~ above the best track. :thumbup1gif:
I went the end to mine X310. I started out just starting my tractor and also it ran but very rough. Ns disconnected the appropriate plug wire and also the tractor began running the very same rough however running. I shut the down and reconnected the right and also disconnected the left. I couldn"t acquire the tractor come start. I know I"m ~ above the best track. :thumbup1gif:
I understand that you changed them already but I"d begin with a new set of spark plugs. Periodically they will foul or just stop working due to the fact that of an interior problem. Have actually seen plugs that look brand brand-new but simply won"t work. You can also shot swapping her plugs to watch if the problem moves come the other cylinder.
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You must make certain its one ignition problem. Perform you understand for certain the cylinder has no spark? Disconnecting a plug only identifies the dead cylinder. But why is it dead? No spark? Or a possible valve problem?. Like once it backfired, it go out off a pushrod on a valve. Test for spark. Really spark. Sent out from mine LGL52VL using Tapatalk
no mechanical issues
I uncovered out the there is a security circuit in the system. Seems it will shut down the electric ignition and the fuel pump follow to the man Deere organization manager right here in my neighborhood area. Its to be so cold and also work has kept me far from getting any type of further. The spark plugs are fine and the gap is correct. Swapped the 2 spark plugs through no change. Its under to the electrical safety module ($70) or the coil ($55). The company manager has a difficult time believing the its the safety and security circuit due to the fact that it runs on one cylinder. Ns picked up the coil and also I plan to install it tomorrow. Together for the mechanical concerns that has been eliminated beforehand on. If it was a valve then i wouldn"t have any type of compression in the cylinder and I do.

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If that cranks and starts, you can preeminence out any kind of safety switches and also the interlock module. So, if that cylinder mirrors no spark, then ns would change the coil. Sent from my LGL52VL making use of Tapatalk
Coil was the problem
I changed the coil and also roughly set the gap for the coil (not learning what the final gap must be ns measured the space on the other coil and collection it to that measurement). The takes about 10 minutes to remove the engine cover and replace the coil. Started the engine and it ran. Require to examine the gap though. Its no as smooth as I would certainly like yet it runs. The coil was the problem. Currently I"m going to track it up, brand-new spark plugs, readjust oil and also filters. After every that ns will change the coil gap. Then us will see what happens. Its just running a tiny rough for what ns remember prior to the coil go out. Ns looked top top the net and I get conflicting answers come the void for the coil. (.010 to .016 in or .25 - .40 mm) I"ve always set the space on the plugs in ~ .030 in (.75 mm). Any one recognize what the ideal gap is ns would prefer to hear native you.