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I have actually an X300 and want to drain the gas out of the tank because that the winter. I know I can pinch the fuel line through a pair of evil grips and remove the connection. I feel this places undo stressors on the fuel line and it is difficult to call if you have it pinched all the way. Is over there an inline valve I can install ~ above the feul line the I deserve to shut off to eliminate the fuel heat to safely drainpipe the tank?

Are girlfriend saying drainpipe as by gravity? ns guess i wouldn"t know how through the original gas line being the system has a pump but I can do that via another method.

Yes, over there are small valves you can install ~ above the fuel line to shut off the flow. You should be able to find lock on line or a huge box save or also a good hardware store. Maybe even an auto parts store. Or try a farm yard store prefer "Big R", "Rural King" or "TSC"They space not hard to install, yet you will probably need to reduced the fuel line, and also I would put it in between the tank and also the fuel filter. And be sure the clamps space tight so there room no air leaks.Good happy Bob
Why mess through it? simply put the correct amount of Stabil in the tank and also fill that up. Operation it for 5 minutes and also put the away. I run the ingredient in everything and it works great.

W mess v it? just put the correct amount that Stabil in the tank and also fill the up. Operation it for 5 minutes and also put that away. I operation the ingredient in everything and it functions great.
I put it in from the moment I begin the leaf initiative. LOL. That way I understand it was cycles v the totality system and also in the tank....Sent from the MTF free App
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the pump is after the filter, so just remove it in ~ the filter and let the gravity drain into a gas can. Or run the machine around till it is virtually out of gas then park it close to where friend will save it and let it operation WOT till it runs out. Then press it right into its winter resting area.
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If you established to empty the tank (and it"s too full to just run the engine for awhile and empty it that way), I"d indicate buying a cheap hand pump for that purpose. Any kind of hardware store will have actually them because that $10 or less. Mine has actually plastic hoses on every end, one for leading down into the tank, and also the various other for leading wherever I want the liquid to drain... Like ago into a gas can.If you start pulling fuel lines and also such to "gravity drain" you can be asking for trouble after that if friend accidentally put a feet in the line or crimp something too tight.

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I unfortunately am unfamiliar v this model in terms of draining the gas. And I know this is not what you asked but..........In all my tractors I simply run the old gas out greatly or use sufficient from chopping increase leaves/cutting grass the i"m below or approximately 1/4 tank. Go acquire fresh gas + put stable in the fresh gas and also fill the tractor tank to the bottom that the collar (not the cap, collar that the tractor gas tank) and also then go run the tractor for 5-10min and also the new gas will certainly be run with the carburetor and then close up door it off for winter, and if friend park it inside and are worried about the battery/ fire..disconnect the battery. I have actually never had any kind of problems doing it the way. Filling the tank up allows less air in there and less air way the gas won"t degrade together fast and eventually turn to varnish. I usage the red stuff STABIL.But you absolutely can perform it the means you describe...I simply don"t know exactly how with the model.