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Have a 318 through the Onan B43G engine that"s no charging the battery.The battery light stays on also at complete RPMs. Battery contact clean. The voltage throughout thebattery is 12.59 volts v the engine/ignition off, through the engine running itis 12.53 volts. Put a 10 Amp charger on the battery appears to expropriate a charge. Ns was said to measure up the AC voltage comes outof the Stator between the two exterior (same fancy wires) on the three wire regulatorand to intend 25Vac – 40Vac. What should the numbers be at what RPMs?What is the part number and where is the regulator mounted at? battery lasts about every 3 years or so and I execute not have actually a spare battery to test with.

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Toolcrib,Here is a picture of the TM1590 test procedure for testing the charging system...
The voltage regulator is top top the engine tin just in front of the fuel pump top top the right side as you sit ~ above the tractor.Chuck

In your diagnosis do not overlook the reality that you need to have a 12 volt resource at the voltage regulator.You will have actually 2 leads going to the stator and one v 12 volts coming into the regulator.Many times males just emphasis on the the 2 leads worrying the stator and forget all around the battery feed.AJ
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It was the voltage regulator. Now the battery light never ever comes on.... Even throughout the time as soon as the engine is turn off.
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