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If you have actually one v the posts, you desire to make sure that the warm wire is up there every the means and is at sight tight, occasionally they jiggle the end from the tractor bouncing around and even though they appear to it is in in there an excellent it"s not. Makes a world of difference.
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If her headlights which bright, it"s not the battery.My guess: v is the brake switch. I"m not sure if it"s trueon the 345, but on the new machines if you apply the parking brake, the blades will disengage. Ns don"t think this happened to the OP. May show something wrongwith the switch.For everyone who has a 345, 335, 325 here is the technicalmanual -
Just for the heck of it, through your right foot press down top top the forward pedal, the reverse pedal could of been hit, and it think it is in reverse, and also it won"t start.

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2004 GX335, 48C mower, powerflow 7 bu. Bagger, 42 snowthrower, 30 mech. Tiller, 48 blade, 80 intake cart.
Guys,I think i’m cluttering the thread by responding to each answer individually, so ns going to try it this way:MotoMike: Your an answer was so kind. Thank you! I finally did get the fuses out. I was simply pulling as well gently i guess. (Sorry, i pull fuses out favor a girl!) ;D and no, i don’t market classes for wives: Frankly, most women would not want to listen what I have to say! ns guess I’d better not fancy on the one, or I can get booted either for going off-topic or making a “sexist” post (even though I’d be bashing my own kind!)New Yorker: Of food it’s never a trouble until it breaks! ;D my urgency this time is that my house is for sale, and also I’m relocating soon. I have thought around your equipment of extra tractors before, but my temporary equipment is moving right into a house with a smaller sized yard! (Not mine choice—just the means things functioned out)!Gt275: I had read about the module that you mentioned, yet I didn’t know what to execute about. That was a an excellent suggestion about finding the picture on eBay. I did try tapping on it. Thank you something rather to try!Dco: i was walking to take it the battery come a shop yesterday, however I couldn’t get it out of the mower. That took some doing to get the cables disconnected, and also I freed it from the rubber band that holds that securely, yet no matter how I tried to maneuver it, ns couldn’t acquire the battery out. Ns had readjusted the battery on mine old mower, and also even despite this is a larger unit 보다 I had before, the fit because that the battery is tighter. Many thanks for sharing her experience about the cracked connector. Ns am going to remember that in the future!Jimbochap: i did clean the cables and also terminals, yet I to be glad the you claimed what friend did about just because the battery mirrors a an excellent charge doesn’t mean that the link is good. My cables have the posts. Ns did check the wiring, and also it seems to it is in tight. Deerehunter: thanks for her comments, too. That hands-on is a big help!Jim335: i did depress the pedals yesterday prefer you said, just for the hell of it. Ns didn’t bang my fist on the tractor, though. Ns was puzzled and also approached it the way. Maybe if I’d have acquired mad, i would have fixed the thing!To all: I dubbed the dealer, and it therefore happens the they space going to be in my area tomorrow! I will report earlier and let you recognize what they tell me. Perhaps my price will assist you someday and pay you ago for your kind offers of help!--koberta