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Lets keep this friendly but I"d like to listen everybody"s thoughts. It seems what weight oil is introduce in the Onans varies wherever girlfriend look. Ns was constantly told through my business manager who has been doing tiny engine repair because the 60s to usage 30W in L-Head engines. Now I recognize Deere most recently claims to use 10W30 although I have seen 30W recommended too. What perform you use and also why? possibly deserve to chime in too due to the fact that he seems to recognize these engines backwards and also forwards. :fing32:


K91, 30W in the summer and then 10W30 in the winter is what I"ve heard. I simply run 30W all year though.
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I ran 10W30 last summer and my oil usage seemed to be pretty high where I to be topping it off after a couple of mowings. Ns am walk to shot 30W this summer and see if that gets any kind of better.
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With the valves laying Horizonal choose the Onan the 10w30 oil has a better "path of the very least resistance" so it will be sucked past the valve guides and if you have actually worn valve travel guide the usage will be better with multigrade oil.30 wt JD oil because that me.
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Last time i checked, mine SS/16 (16hp BF/MS) bring away 30wt year round, that maker is a 1973. Mine GT/18 Hydro, a 1978 through an 18hp B48M claims 30wt in the summer and 10w-30 in the winter.
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When my dad bought the 316 brand-new we ran JD 30wt in it. Currently over 20 years later I run NAPA 30wt in"s every it ever had.
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10w-30 fabricated would be the finest thing you might put in it. The eliminates the totality winter/summer thing, will not go to a vapor like dino oil i m sorry is what causes the extra consumption, and also will reduced the oil temp through 20-degrees.
10w-30 fabricated would be the finest thing you can put in it. The eliminates the whole winter/summer thing, will certainly not go to a vapor like dino oil i m sorry is what reasons the extra consumption, and will lower the oil temp through 20-degrees.
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I had actually seen part talk around Rotella on WFM. Is the all you use cheez? treatment to make any comparison in between it and also regular 30W as far as intake goes?
The 316/318/420 operators manual states 10w30 in the winter, 30w in the summer. It additionally states that if you use 10w30 in the summer, come expect higher oil comsumption.The Onan hand-operated on my RV generator (B48) proclaimed 10w30 year round.I have used 10w30 year ring to date, and an alert about an ounce to one ounce and also a fifty percent per hour consumption. Also notice the standard smoke on startup, clearing and going away.This summer, ns am to run 30wt to compare oil usage.

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That quantity of usage makes me feel better about exactly how much oil i am going through D-Dogg. I just started using (well in ~ the beginning of the winter) 10w 30 Max Life Valvoline and I mowed/ran the mower for about 5-6 hrs yesterday and also I used around 3 oz of oil. I can"t say if it is more or less than right 30w due to the fact that I did not really pay attention to the usage when running directly 30w. Ns don"t recognize if the is a lot for a 1200 hr p218. I was reasoning of acquisition Engine Tech"s advise and trying some royal Purple (just have to get it in 10w-30) come see exactly how it works in mine old Deere. I have had good luck with imperial Purple in my vehicles ns guess why not see exactly how it walk in the mower.
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