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High all. I have a 1991 or therefore 265 v a Kaw 17. How do ns disengage the transaxle to role it as soon as I need to? It has the single large unit for both wheels and also the hand control an installed next to the implement lever on the right. Thanks in advance.
Apologies for the lack of replies Daryl. I am not certain on her model. I have a Deere F525 that supplies the Pa 540 Kawasaki 17 hp engine. The is additionally a hydro drive. There is a small lever top top the left axle end (I believe) that must be pressed to move the mower without engine power. Not certain if yours is similar but take a look because that a little (about 2.5 come 3 inch in length) lever on or what on or near the drive axle on your 265. Sorry i couldn"t be of much more help. And also please pardon my belated welcome come Tractor Forum. Its been kinda hectic and also busy around here lately and I let this on slide by me. :cheers:
Yeah I have seen the before and tried to relocate it side to side, but was fear to bend it. Obviously that didn"t work. I will try pushing and see what happens. Thanks for her input.

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I have never supplied mine however I think the lever must it is in pushed and also held in if attempting to relocate the machine.
push down on the tranmisson lever< beside the to fill cap>- what you have been moving side to next -- push down --
i understand I haven"t been below in awhile-- yet why walk the software application butcher my word? it was tranmisson -- no some vulgarity-- bigl22- ns wondered why for this reason many write-ups had these asterisks in them-- please adjust this software-- thanks
Sorry around that bigl,I have actually been working on well tuning the censor filter because of a huge spam problem. Why that objected to words mission, I have actually no idea. :argh: ns did more fine tuning and fixed the *****. An excellent to watch you posting again!
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