Criminal Minds. Read at your own risk.> The truth is finally out. JJ"s (A.J. Cook) mysterious occupational with the State room was ultimately revealed top top Criminal Minds" 200th episode Wednesday — together with her and Cruz"s (Esai Morales) large secret: She suffered a miscarriage while on their mission.Paget Brewster on Criminal Minds 200th episode return: "It was bittersweet" ago in 2010, the 2 were on a hidden op, headed by Strauss (Jayne Atkinson), in Afghanistan together with Michael Hastings (Tahmoh Penikett) and Tivon Askari (Farah Tahir). JJ finds the end she"s pregnant there and only shares the news v Cruz, that later has to break it to her that she shed the infant after their vehicle came under assault while en path to a location. That"s only fifty percent the story though. Their mission is compromised when JJ"s informant is eliminated by a dual agent. With aid from Prentiss (Paget Brewster) — to who JJ revealed she actual job throughout the Doyle ordeal — in the present day, we discover Hastings and Askari are the inside men who likewise kidnapped JJ and also Cruz to gain their security codes to access top-secret files. The BAU, that course, conserves them in the nick of time (though Cruz does gain stabbed), and also after a rooftop battle, JJ flings Hastings off the ledge come his death. For this reason what"s next for JJ? and also how did she backstory come together? executive producer Erica Messer answers our burn questions.

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You"ve stated that you had actually the "JJ gets kidnapped" plot in your head because that a year. Walk you likewise conceive the the totality arc then too? Erica Messer: We had actually talked about it. ... We witnessed the start of this episode a year ago, let"s put it that way. In fact, it to be going to it is in the episode cutting board directed last year, however it felt more finale-worthy or premiere-worthy than center of the season unless it"s the 200th episode! We started talking about what happened to JJ when she was away indigenous us and also if that can be the thing that comes ago to haunt her. JJ came back much stronger. She came ago a profiler, and you can tell something occurred in the year she to be gone that"s adjusted her because that the better. The felt like, "Let"s take this chance in the milestone episode to show what this was prefer for her."Did you constantly plan on having actually her miscarry? Was that twist crucial to she backstory? Messer: Yes. The following thing for me to be the emotional step. Professionally, points can change you, harden you, make you better, do you stronger. However personally, what happened to her? ... Strauss sets that up that she"ll be going earlier and forth from the states — I just pictured her finding out in a med time in Afghanistan the she"s pregnant and also as countless casualties the war, she loses the infant in one explosion. It"s heartbreaking and also tragic. Because that me, for a woman hero on our show, it"s a story we"re no going come tell existing day. It"s also hopeless in a sense if us say she"s pregnant and also take it away.Miscarriages are a pretty common TV trope. Messer: Right, and I think the method we go it, it reflects that it"s something that changed her and made her stronger. The audience doesn"t have the opportunity to loss in love with the reality that she"s having actually a baby since this was in 2011 and also we recognize JJ didn"t come back with an additional baby. Ns felt favor it was an important part of her character to have actually something she wanted and also lost because of this, and it"s not since of chasing serial killers but since of a bigger duty she played as an American hero.How ns went from a TV critic to a corpse on Criminal MindsDid girlfriend tell A.J. And Esai what their mystery was at an early stage on? Messer: once we introduced Cruz, i told A.J. And Esai, "This is her history. You were the only one there who knew the loss the she endured and also that is a link that you have with somebody that you can"t explain. It"s just emotional. It"s no romantic, yet just the bond you have. He"s a major character in her life due to the fact that he to be there because that that." Everybody kind of read into it together an affair. They care for every other, however not favor that.Will (Josh Stewart) didn"t know, however it"s implied at the finish that she finally told him. Why walk you decide to have him in the dark? Messer: A.J. And I talked about this rather a bit. I don"t desire to it is in generalizing women by any kind of means, however one the the many strengths of women is that you carry on. We talked about, "Did she call Will?" us both chose that that would"ve simply hurt him. He never ever knew she was pregnant, so he never lost anything. That felt favor it would"ve been placing him v an unnecessary pain at the time, therefore she simply kept it come herself. It was like, "What friend don"t understand won"t ache you." It was done in an ext of a protective, nurturing element vs. "I"m walk to keep a secret from you." through the end of the episode, you feel prefer she"s told him. The team quiet doesn"t recognize though.What"s JJ and Cruz"s relationship like going forward? fewer whisper-y conversations, i assume. Messer: Exactly! <Laughs> They had that nice moment at the end. We don"t have actually him back probably until our finale, however they room going come be working together and he"s still the section chief. They"ll be less secretive.Is this totality story line done? Messer: Yeah. Hastings and also the other man are dead. That"s done. We had actually toyed v bringing an element of that back in the finale, yet I think we"re going to begin fresh. The whole story line started with Cruz gift made section chief, which us now know was to draw out these 2 terrorists. He said then the he had heard rumblings about their old instance being reopened and I think this closed it nicely.Last time girlfriend did something like this v Prentiss and also Doyle, few of the team, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) especially, feel betrayed by Prentiss" secret. What"s your reaction going to be favor now? Messer: We"re not going come play the betrayal aspect that us played v Prentiss — one, since we did that and also I think us did the well v the Prentiss arc, however two, it was a matter of State secret. JJ to be on a need-to-know assignment the she can never phone call anyone around because due to the fact that it would placed them in jeopardy. It"s more "We"re happy to have actually her back." There"s no anger.

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How will certainly this impact JJ once she return to work? Messer: She"s had actually a pair weeks off when we check out her again. Ns think there"s a relief you feel at the end of the 200th. There space no much more secrets, no more lies. The chapter is closed. You feel the in the end when the team is altogether. We add these layers come our characters that we tap right into when we need to, so over there won"t it is in a huge aftermath episode, yet there could be moments here and also there afterwards that affects her. She comes back tired, yet she does her job and also she"s fine.Olympic stars to watchPaget had a pretty huge part in this one. Perform you have any plans for her to come ago again yet? Messer: She"s a breath of new air! we really wanted to emphasis on Prentiss and also JJ"s friendship, and I think we uncovered a method to show how close they are. I don"t as soon as she"ll come ago again. We can"t have actually her ago all the time and Paget"s doing she own good things. We"re so happy because that her.What carry out you have actually in keep for the finale? Messer: We"re just about to break that. The network constantly weighs in on to cliff-hang or not to cliff-hang. I think it"s fun to perform a cliff-hanger. I think we"re going to break the last two as a two-hour finale and we"ll view if they finish up airing together. I desire to break it as a movie. Last year, we didn"t get to carry out a cliff-hanger because of , for this reason it"d be nice to do one this year. What did girlfriend think the Criminal Minds" 200th episode?(Full disclosure: is owned by CBS.)