I"m do the layered pudding dessert and without looking i dumped an immediate pudding mix and a cook and serve pudding mix in the same bowl. Ns am currently staring at claimed bowl in horror. As well late to scoop and also separate. Exactly how do I save this? to be my last 2 packages!


update: It appears that the salts supplied in instant pudding are warmth stable (one turns right into the various other one in ~ 450°C), so it"s feasible that it can work by adhering to the cooked direction ... But I"d recommend a slurry together a backup.

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You"re going to have actually to include something to resolve it. Either an ext gelatin (to have it set cold), or starch to have it set when boiling.

I"d more than likely go v the hot technique -- you"ll bring it come a boil, which will certainly screw up the setup properties that the gelatin. I suspect that you"ll desire to let it cook for a minute or so, to make certain the gelatin isn"t walk to set at every (and probably make it too thick, or interfere through the starch).

You didn"t to speak which size of boxed mix you"re using, but looking at a couple of recipes, it seems choose you desire 3 come 4 TB that cornstarch to set 2 cup of milk. Usage that as a communication to scale your recipe.

(updating instructions per DebbieM"s comment)

So :

Mix cornstarch (1.5 come 2 TB per cup the milk essential for the instant pudding) with some (less 보다 1/4 c.) the milk in a jar, seal and shake to do a slurry.

Stir in the cold milk (the sum of what"s called for on both boxes).

Heat to a cook (see note from usmam.org pudding package about stirring, etc).Check come see how well the pudding coats the back of a spoon. (wipe a finger with it to get an exact estimate of exactly how thick the is)If not thick enough (note: it will certainly thicken more when cooled), add some of the slurry, and let it cook for a minute or for this reason (keep stirring or whisking during this).Repeat 4 & 5 "til you"ve completed the thickness desired.Follow the usmam.org pudding parcel instructions from there.

If friend don"t have cornstarch, I"ve seen some recipes that usage flour (about 1/4c. Every 2 cup of milk), but they"re always chocolate ... I suspect it"s to cover increase the life flour taste.

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If you have unflavored gelatin, you could likewise bloom part in part cold milk, and also then mix that in with the usmam.org pudding as it"s cooling to shot to achieve the desired thickness, yet too much can end up setting like a blancmange.