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* TJ. TJ.ZJ. TJ.TJ. ZJ.ZJ.YJ. XJ. JKJKU build Inside: Party Youtube Channel 2" Rancho sports - BlackForest Throwback peak - Milestar 315 Patagona Mt"s - Outlaw Sheriff Rims - Bushwacker flat Fenders - Spicer parts F/R Diff Covers, former Drive pillar - 4340 Alloy Shafts- metal Cloak Overland absent w/Flip action -JCR infection Skid- Quadratec LED Headlights- Q9500i winch

Technically it"s well-known as a PCM (powertrain regulate module) in the Jeep manual yet ECM & ECU functions for me too. And as 4Jeepn says, you only have actually one the those, no BCM.

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