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what is the choke named on the finish of my model 20,,12 GAUGE it"s acquired a looks like a brake with holes in it and also a throttle screwed in the is prefer an inch from hooking increase or has a an are from the barrel ,, once shooting trap the man on the appropriate of me complains of gift hit with parts of a wad and also shot, it claims LONG selection on the screw in piece,, no various other chokes execute I have,,, is the choke supposed to it is in an inch away native the barrel? have the right to anyone who owns a JC Higgins provide me any type of info? i m really sorry no pictures,,, do in the fifties, states jc Higgins, sears roebuck,583/58 no serial number good shotgun,, but. Many thanks Ray Smithson Monterey Ca.

It"s nicknamed a "Dial-A-Duck".Yes, this is very early attempt at screw in throttle tubes. Big fugly vented housing with a choking tube the is spaced the end from the finish of the barrel.Keep in mind that when this contraption to be designed that wads to be cardboard and felt, and hulls were paper. I"ve constantly wondered if the is way to be making use of a plastic wad v these chokes, together the fingers start opening the minute they leaving the barrel.The JC Higgins heat was originally sold through Sears. The pump with the Dial-A-Duck to be the design 20. High typical actually make them.I hacksawed mine off and also trued the muzzle, making my Jc Higgins right into a defense shotgun. Developed like a tank, reliable and no disconnector. Wish ns still had actually it.Click the connect for a pdf that the original owners manual.
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Here is a gunbroker add that has an older format poly-choke:
I have actually one. The part that gets chopped turn off the wad is the skirt of the over powder wad. Brief skirts like the federal 12C1 aid to minimise the problem. IMHO Ron

That is a relatively solid pump gun, made by Manufrance if i guess right. Don"t mess v the choke/tube, it"s no so bad. The lettering on the key body can give a clue.The end of those had actually a copy the the Cutts Compensator make just different enough to stop patent infringement. Unlike the cutts, the choke pipe went down inside the key body a little ways.This compensator was united state made, and I did at once see chokes easily accessible somewhere. Together a teenager I fondled them at Sears but never gained one. HM

Found it........JC Higgins Power-Pac they were called, Chokes float increase on Ebay every the time. 20 gauge could be harder come find........incidentally they placed those grenade launchers top top the bolt action shotguns too.HM
You all have actually helped me deal with my trouble with her pictures and explanations, thanks so much, need to say it"s a heck of a shotgun,, assumption: v i"ll have to have human being step earlier or usage a shorter wad together was said ... Many thanks again Ray

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