This is my very first instructable on how to jailbreak an ipod touch through firmware 4.2.1 or lower. Jailbreaking you ipod offers you many opportunities for cost-free stuff like music and also videos, you have actually a theme on her ipod and so much more. A many of human being may think that takes a genius to jailbreak one ipod touch yet I"m 15 and i have jailbroken 4 out of 4 i have actually tried to. Also it is one un-tethered jailbreak and also it doesnt work-related for second gen ipod touches that are mc models. Girlfriend can discover out the version the same ar the firmware is.

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check her firmware come make certain it is 4.2.1 or lower. Go to setup then general and also it is under version.





its basic powerer the the ipod

push the house button and also pug it into the computer

open itunes and click ipod then restore

wait while it dose the

enjoy your functioning ipod:-)

I have a iPod 2nd Gen. And I"m wonder if there is anyway that I can jailbreak it? I"ve downloaded the exact same software twice and also I tired to jailbreak it and it shows the apple logo with a skull design and then once I unlock it, I carry out not check out a "Loader" application. Deserve to you help me?

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Actually, greenpois0n tho exists, your website just got shutdown. Girlfriend can gain it native here:

so ns did the entirety jailbreak thing and also that worked, and also the loader app was ~ above the last page and I mounted cydia, yet when ns go to open cydia that just automatically closes. Help? haha