Tricalcium phosphate is an ingredient the is heavily used across many industries – toothpaste, antacids, bone grafting material, baby powder, water filtration, nutritional supplements and also ceramic coatings – and it is additionally in ours food supply. Tricalcium phosphate is a mineral uncovered in plenty of foods for plenty of purposes.

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Within foods, tricalcium phosphate has roles such together anti-caking, clouding, and also fortification. These all assistance the formulation of much more desirable food products in regards to texture, appearance, performance, shelf-life, and also nutrition. Usually Recognized together Safe (GRAS), tricalcium phosphate is an ingredient the helps foods, food products and food ingredient live up to customer expectations time and time again, also after sitting in the pantry or refrigerator after purchase.

Tricalcium phosphate has actually several properties the make it useful in food formulation. These include the following:

Tricalcium phosphate is practically insoluble in water, has a an extremely low smell profile, and usually come in a fine white powder.The chalky structure of tri-calcium phosphate renders it helpful as a free-flowing agent, as it has the ability to take up to 10% of its load in moisture.Its texture and also color properties also make that an effective clouding agent.Ingredient labels list it together tribasic calcium phosphate, tri-calcium orthophosphate, and also precipitated calcium phosphate, or it’s labeling in formulation paperwork together TCP. Tricalcium phosphate is also known as hydroxyapatite.

Tricalcium phosphate can additionally be supplied to accomplish the nutrition and also dietary considerations the consumers

Chemically, tricalcium phosphate is a calcium salt of phosphoric acid. The primary role in fortification is to rise the calcium contents of foods.Due come its mineral source, tricalcium phosphate can be offered in vegan foods and also is also allowed in organic products in the U.S.

For those who might need to examine the additive condition for your country, tricalcium phosphate has actually E-number E341(iii), a subclass that calcium phosphates. It has actually a CAS variety of 7758-87-4.

​​Examples of how tricalcium phosphate features in food manufacturing

Acidity regulatorAdds smoothness and opacity to diminished fat foods and also beverages, such as soymilkAnticaking agentBufferCalcium and phosphorus mineral fortification – seen in some juices, soybean beans beverages, yogurts, and cereal productsClouding AgentEmulsifierFirming agent – interacts v gelling agents to combine a food structureFlour treatment AgentHumectant in some table salts, sugar, or baking powderStabilizer in part fats for fryingLeavening certified dealer in part baked goods and breadingsMineral salt in cheese productsThickener

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