Based top top a true story, "Spirit Bear" follows 15-year-old Simon Jackson, one outcast who spends time alone in the brothers Columbia wilderness. During one that his adventures, Simon is attacked by an pet and, out of nowhere, a Kermode be afflicted with appears and also rescues him.

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DirectorsStefan ScainiStarringMark Rendall, Ed Begley Jr., Graham GreeneGenresKidsSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish

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Supporting actorsKatie StuartProducersHeather Haldane, Raymond Massey, Cheryl Lee-Fast, mar Young LeckieStudioMarVistaPurchase rightsStream soon DetailsFormatPrime video (streaming digital video)DevicesAvailable to clock on sustained devices
Story LoverReviewed in the United claims on June 20, 2021

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In this real life story, the habitat the the genetically distinctive "Spirit Bear" was saved, and also therefore this really special white be affected by each other still has actually a location to live. YAY! the was the inspirational part. The aggravating part is how tough it is because that anyone come fight the rich and an effective logging suppliers to save an irreplaceable old growth forest and also all the wildlife that calls the home. It to be disgusting come the suggest of unbelievability that even in the challenge of so lot public opposition and also trampling on the legal rights of native peoples, the logging company and federal government officials tho "voted" to reduced down the last remaining habitat for this bear, placing profits above all else (Until it was PROVEN, on live TV, that the bear was genetically unique). We human beings need to realize that wildlife habitats likewise sustain us, also if we don"t physically live there. These forests clean our air so the it remains breathable. If we cut them all under we are removing the oxygen native the air us breathe. The tropical and temperate tropical on this earth took countless years come grow and also can never ever be replaced once they are gone. In fact, over there are just a couple of remaining and those couple of should be defended at all costs, because our future depends on it. End 70% of all old growth forests top top our planet are now gone. That land that has already been cleared however not yet constructed on can be supplied to regrow trees for harvest to sustain the logging companies and also the jobs and products they provide. We do not require to reduced down any an ext old expansion trees in order to save our logging companies energetic harvesting second growth tree planted for that purpose.