Carbon fiber has end up being the most common material to do bikes out of and, due to its boosted affordability, this tendency doesn"t watch to be changing. However is the marketing exaggeration true? Is carbon the best frame building material?

There are many experienced and also knowledgeable cyclists the end there that won"t touch carbon fiber. In respect of these cyclists we"ve brought forward some other high end materials to sell an alternative. Not countless of you would certainly have taken into consideration titanium or stole simply because these materials aren"t rammed in your challenge like carbon and also aluminium are!

When you shop because that a new bike why not invest a day checking out everything butcarbon. Forget the marketing and also "that"s what everyone else rides" and make a considered choice as to which bike product suits you.

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Steel and titanium ain"t going nowhere...get offered to it!



Designed to it is in super lightweight, carbon fiber is a popular choice in the cycle industry. Make of various layers of carbon and a bonding resin, carbon fiber is qualified of preserving incredible stamin while continuing to be super thin in cross-section. This outcomes in a material that deserve to be shaped prefer no other, and manufactured come flex in certain ways, while not in others.

The downside of carbon is that is susceptibility come damage, either with a moderate influence or also excessive flexing. Period is another contributing variable that have the right to take its toll fee on carbon fiber. A 15 year old carbon structure will be much more likely to cracked than any type of other material. Leverage anxiety can additionally damage carbon such together overloading a pannier rack once you go touring.


Light weightStiffEasily shaped and also mouldedEasily manipulated to change frame dynamics (stiffness, flex, vertical compliance)


Cheap carbon have the right to equal an ordinary rideProne to damages from impact/fatigueLong ax performance

TIP: If you are a hefty or aggressive rider it might be cautious to avoid carbon in the vital areas of your cockpit. Item such as handlebars, stems and seatposts must be alloy for tranquility of mind. Every to their own...



The stuff actual bikes room made of. Or have to we say, were made of! Steel has actually made a comeback, and is gift featured on much more bikes every year. The main attraction to stole is its intuitive appeal and also the ride qualities it offers. A comfortable lot of shock absorption with the tubing means you"ll be riding very comfortably for thousands of miles! stole is quite popular with touring cycle manufacturers as result of this shock soaking up ability, as well as a positively "rebounding" amount of flex. That is, when a steel frame flexes one way, it tends to whip ago rapidly - a characteristic that sprinters native past eras truly loved!

The downside of stole is that is weight, and also not much can be done about that. If a rider is searching for a power bike, stole is typically out the question because of the weight of the material. Stole tubing can be butted, and made thinner; however it will constantly retain a comprehensive weight.


Nothing rides quite like steelStrength and also durabilityIt might rust but it will certainly still critical foreverPerfect to load up v cargo when trekking or commuting


Lightweight and also steel = money (and the still won"t be together light as great carbon)Get used to narrow directly tubes!


The stuff desires are made of - high-quality dreams. Titanium retains many of the positive qualities of stole while getting rid that the excessive weight! Titanium frames are coming to be increasingly well-known in the tradition bike manufacturing market, particularly for riders who are exceptionally tall. The factor for this? having a larger framework results in increased flex in most materials, other than titanium. A big frame made from titanium will certainly return very comparable lateral stiffness readings to that of a much smaller titanium frame. In enhancement to this, titanium is a comfortable product to drive on, supplying plenty of vibration damping and vertical compliance.

The downside of titanium is its natural cost, and the specialty an abilities required come repair it. A titanium bike tends to be a long-term investment, practice made to fit the rider"s needs, and also ridden until the bike is passed down to who else. This product is sensibly pricey, and doesn"t come in affordable versions choose carbon fiber or steel.

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The cycle connoisseur"s product of choiceSuperb drive dynamics (compliant/stiff)If stole lasts forever, titanium last forever and also ever


Expensive, and also there space no cheap optionsStill won"t be as light as an excellent carbonIt won"t break, however if it does it calls for specialty an abilities and equipment to repair

At the end of the work it"s vital to take into consideration the material your new bike is make of. We haven"t bothered through alloy but you deserve to read an ext about it in "Frame Materials and What come Buy". What we desire to suggest out is that as soon as shopping for a performance bike you will inevitably it is in steered in the direction of carbon fiber. However what if you intend to save the bike because that 20 years? Or have actually zero interest in racing yet like law 200 mile rides? Carbon can be a very bad choice in these situations.

Instead of purchase yet another carbon fiber bike, why not take into consideration the journey quality and also pleasures connected with a genuine bike. A stole or titanium bike the puts a smile on her face, not a little number on your scales. You"ll no doubt end up being truly attached come the bike, replacing materials over the years, instead of the entirety bike. Provide it a go, you might never look at back!

Author: Joey Esterhuyzen
Joey has actually been racing bikes due to the fact that he to be a kid. That never thrived old due to the fact that of this, and still pops increase on the race cards now and again near the pointy end... Joey loves nothing an ext than a solo roadway ride in the hills, or a fast and flowing MTB trail session..."Who states you can"t whip one XC hardtail?!"

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