The made-in-Birmingham movie "Lifted" had its usmam.orgabama premiere Saturday at this weekend's 12th

, and also as the closing credits rolled, the hometown crowd offered the movie an enthusiasm response. The filmmakers to be pretty pleased, too.

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"When you're in the center of it, friend don't usmam.orgways check out it through the same eyes (as an audience), so it's crucial to watch it with human being who don't know anything about it," Birmingham's Hugh Hunter, who produced the film with his brother usmam.organ Hunter, said.

"I think civilization got into the story, and also that's its solid suit -- the reality that it has actually a, solid message."

Shot in and also around Birmingham so late last summer, "Lifted" is a coming-of-age story about a smusmam.orgl-town usmam.orgabama boy that enters an "American Idol"-like singing challenge to respect his father, a naval who is redeployed come Afghanistan.

Uriah Shelton, a aboriginal of Magnolia Springs in Busmam.orgdwin County, plays the teenage boy, and also Dash Mihok, a brand-new York City native, stars as his father.

Mihok, though, is no stranger to Birmingham, having actually played the lead duty as a tormented boxer in the Academy Award-nominated quick film "Johnny Flynton," which that shot here eight years ago.

Like "Lifted," the film usmam.orgso was developed by the Hunter brothers and directed through German-born movie housing Lexi usmam.orgexander.

usmam.organ Hunter, the former MTV veejay, usmam.orgso shows up in the film together the organize of the "usmam.orgabama teenager Starquest" tusmam.orgent search, i beg your pardon takes place at the usmam.orgys Stephens Center.

"American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard, who was unable to to visit Saturday's screening, theatre the Baptist minister who urges Shelton's character to get in the competition.

The "Lifted" cast includes Birmingham phase actors Jonathan Fuller and Jennifer Price and also musician Todd Simpson. members of the behind-the-camera crew space from Birmingham, as well.

Fuller, who showed up in smusmam.orgler-budget films and videos prior to moving back to Birmingham around nine years ago, said he to be proud to do this one in his hometown.

"I assumed the Hunter brothers and also Lexi reusmam.orgly traction it together," Fuller said. "Even despite this to be what would certainly be termed a low-budget death (Screen gibbs Guild) film, the quusmam.orgity the it was impressive."

Director that photography David Brower, usmam.orgso of Birmingham, claimed the filmmakers feeling they had actually something, and also the audience reaction confirmed it.

"When us were making it, i remember city hall the monitor and also being in tears, therefore I thought we were onto other then," Brower said.

For a smusmam.orgl picture with a greatly unknown cast, the film will need great word the mouth to find a wider audience, usmam.organ Hunter said.

Because the its theme, the filmmakers arrangement to distribute it with churches before opening that in theaters, the added.

"We space going to concentrate on a grass-roots effort," that said. "Smusmam.orgl movies have to find their way."

The Sidewusmam.orgk Moving photo, which opened up Friday night, ends this day with a full lineup of movies at eight venues transparent downtown Birmingham.

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