Sweet gum, a tree genus that the Latin surname Liquidambar, is found approximately the world. The American Sweet Gum (Liquidambar styraciflua), aboriginal to phibìc and central America, is one of the most typical hardwoods in the Southeastern united States, where it preferably grows in humid and temperate climates. That beautiful foliage, i m sorry is specifically colorful in the autumn months, also makes it a good choice together an ornamental tree.

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But does that make an excellent firewood? Let’s uncover out.

Sweet Gum Firewood Details

Firewood name: Sweet GumBTU: 20.6Weight: 3,850 to 4,550 wet and 2,250 to 2,950 drySeasoning Time: 1 yearResin / Sap Content: highSplitting Difficulty: hardSmoke: low to tool levels that smokeSmell: no remarkable smell

Sweet Gum Varieties


One that the points that disappoint countless people around Sweet Gum is the difficulty of dividing it. Splitting sweet gumwood is without a doubt one of the worst elements of using it for firewood.

As mentioned previously in this article, when sweet gumwood dries, it becomes an ext likely come warp. The warping causes the already interwoven yarn to become even harder. This end up do it also more an overwhelming to reduced through. That said, the best time to lug out the separating of Gumwood is as soon as it is greener, just right prior to it dries.

Remember, the an ext it dries, the much more it tends to warp. So your best bet is to make sure you carry out the job previously to do things much easier for yourself.

Furthermore, a Hydraulic timber splitter might be required for this job due to the fact that splitting Sweet Gumwood is more like shredding, ripping, tearing apart. This is simply a description of the process.

However, you deserve to still break-up your Gumwood with a sharp Ax. Start with the exterior edges and then occupational your means around the external of the hardwood till you acquire to the core. Perform not separation the timber down the center, just focus on the edges.


The kind of smoke that Sweet Gum produces relies on its humidity content. It likewise depends on how long you have actually left it come dry and warm up after seasoning. When dry, Sweet Gumwood smokes lightly. Sweet Gum the is not effectively seasoned place off medium to high levels of smoke.

Additionally, the creosote calculation is not high when seasoned properly. But, if you use it frequently you might want to have your chimney inspected for build-up because it is not unexplained to suffer some “popping” once burning Sweet Gum. This popping can ignite the flammability material and causes an explosion.


Sweet Gum doesn’t put off a characteristics smell. The said, it have the right to sometimes provide an uncomfortable odor, especially when the is not effectively seasoned before burning. Many human being who burn Sweet Gum firewood define the smell together yeast or beer-like.

If you gain the odor of firewood, species of lumber such as Cedar, Poplar, and Oak might be preferable to you.

Sweet Gum FAQ

Is Sweet Gumwood valuable for anything?

Yes, it is very useful aside from being burned as firewood. Sweet Gumwood is one of the main varieties of trees to create commercial hardwood in the joined States. That is provided for plenty of purposes, which incorporate the make of upholstered furniture, electronic cabinetry, veneer flooring and also siding, plywood, crates, pallets, and also much more.

Is Sweet Gumwood a softwood or a hardwood?

Sweet Gum is a hardwood. Also more, it is one of the most essential hardwoods in the Southeastern us for manufacturing. In terms of hardness, the is a little higher in stiffness and also strength than many types of hardwood.

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Does Sweet Gumwood burn good?

Sweet Gum burns good when dry, like most other varieties of hardwood. That produces approximately 20.6 million BTU every cord, i m sorry is far better than the median for burning. Although the timber burns quickly, mix it with various other hardwoods will give you far better results.