With “The Baby” farming into a career hit, Blake Shelton recently called in from a organization trip in Los Angeles to answer inquiries from curious usmam.org readers. Shelton, 26, talks about his blazing blue eyes, putting fresh egg in his hair and sharing his Thanksgiving leftovers through his pets turkey. Shelton’s new album, The Dreamer, arrives in stores Tuesday (Feb. 4), yet you can catch the Ada, Okla., aboriginal on MWL Star, debuting Monday (Feb. 3) at 10 p.m. ET/PT top top usmam.org.

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1. To be “The Baby” based on your life story?“The Baby” is based upon the true story of Michael White and also the partnership he had actually with his mother. He composed the track . As much as my life is concerned, it is true up until the component where the mother passes away. I am the baby of the family, and I relocated away as soon as I was 17, and also I to be away from home when i turned 21, and also up until currently it has actually paralleled mine life. Yet the one point that the teaches me, and hopefully everyone that hears the song, is no to take it your household for granted, and shot to at least stay in touch v them.

2. Just how do you get through “The Baby” without simply tearing up?I execute not recognize if friend can get through it without tearing up, however I feel a responsibility once I song that song, or any song, to deliver it in a method that’s believable and also emotional to people. You type of need to step out of the tune a tiny bit and also sing it, i guess. Ns don’t know how to describe it. That is simply something that ns do and you have to hold her emotions in, come the suggest where you nothing cry.

3. Is the you and also your family members in the house movie footage in the residence movie footage in “The Baby” video?It is. Several of it is my actual footage and some of the is Peter Zavadil’s clip of his family, and also he is the director of the video.

4. Space you wearing colored contacts in the video for “The Baby,” or space your eye really the blue?My eyes room blue, but they space not the blue. They did a green-screen thing behind me, favor the weathermen use, and also in the procedure of putting things into that, lock turned it blue, i beg your pardon gave every little thing kind the a blue-ish tint and also really do my eyes look ridiculously blue. I constantly make a joke that they transplanted Martina McBride’s eyes and put them in mine head.

5. What is some advice because that a young male who wants to carry out what you room doing?The just real great advice I have actually is to relocate to Nashville and be ready to it is in told “no” so many times the it makes you sick. Since that’s what is going to take place when you get there. World are gonna tell you you’re not great enough, or they’re not even gonna talk to you, period. The takes time and it bring away patience, but the one point I execute know around this service is the it is not constantly based on talent. It is based on timing and also luck and who you know.

6. Is over there an up-and-coming musician the you would really like to work with?I talked to Carolyn Dawn Johnson around doing a duet through her a few times, and we just haven’t gained it done. We had actually planned on act it because that this album, and also we just never got around to creating together. So, I will certainly still to speak that i would choose to have the ability to work with her as far as writing and maybe law a song together.

7. Why in the world do you want to carry a turkey to the next country awards show?It’s because I feel a responsibility to my pet turkey, Turkey, to disclose him to some different things in the world. Up till this point, he’s been to Arkansas one time. He has been to Oklahoma, which is where he to be born, and now he stays in Tennessee. So, i feel like, there is no me, he doesn’t get to carry out things, and also I feeling a duty to show him the world.

8. Can you tell united state one story that you never gained to tell human being that you always wanted to?You know about my pet turkey. I went external one day and I had a bunch the table scraps laying roughly the kitchen after Thanksgiving, and I threw them out in the yard. And also I looked the end the home window and I experienced my pet turkey in reality eating some turkey! I gained a huge kick the end of that.

9. If you wrote your biography, what would certainly be the title?The actual B.S.

10. Just how did you propose to your girlfriend, and what occurred when you did?I asked her to marry me and she said yes and it was early one morning ago in December, and also we finished up safety the day v some friends and also kind of having a party all day and had a good time. … I gained in from searching that morning, and also asked her to marry me, and we went back out hunting.

11. My 9-year-old kid wants to recognize why Blake choose to keep his hair lengthy while so numerous other artists store theirs short? mine son likewise has lengthy hair and is very proud that it.I choose to save my hair long since it has actually been long because I to be 12 years old. The doesn’t issue to me what other world do through their hair, and also I execute not think they space interested in exactly how I wear my hair. Basically, it has gained to the point where that is simply a issue of pride. And also I recognize it looks like crap, yet it is just an ext fun to me come irritate world than cut my hair to meet them.

12: to be you ever criticized for having long hair and also being a country singer?Every day of mine life. And also my price is that you candlestick to contact Willie Nelson up and also tell him the it is not cool to have long hair.

13. Is her hair normally curly?Yeah. The questions get easier! This is good.

14. What type of shampoo do you use?You know, ns am raising chickens now, and also I have started going out to the barn, or as soon as I am out on the road, I will go buy some eggs, and I usage an egg mixture through ketchup, think it or not. I will certainly soak mine hair in that as soon as a mainly for about an hour. Other than the I simply wash that in continual shampoo.

15. What are your best pet peeves?Questions around my hair!

16. Space you related to Ricky valve Shelton?Ricky van Shelton is my father. (laughs) No, i’m not pertained to him, but that is more than likely the number one question I acquire out ~ above the road, and in interviews and also stuff, if ns am related to him. And also I have actually never also met the guy.

17. I have actually been to many of her concerts, and also I wondered what perform you do prior to you walk on stage?Every night before I step out, I will mix myself a vodka and also tonic and drink it. Then i stick mine gum ~ above the earlier of the neck of mine guitar. If friend ever concerned one of mine shows and also if I rotate around, you can look on the back of mine guitar and also I promise you, you will check out a big wad of gum there.

18. What would certainly you it is in doing this day if you no a country singer?I would more than likely be homeless because I carry out not know anything else that ns would want to carry out with my life. Ns don’t know. Ns would more than likely be in problem somewhere since it was the just thing that i was interested in, and if i wasn’t act music, ns was just goofing off. And there’s nothing however trouble that can come from somebody who has no ambition and nothing they desire to carry out with their life.

19. Do you ever before miss the end on noþeles you really love to execute while you are out on tour?Yeah, I miss out on being able to walk hunting and also fishing, which is my favorite point to perform besides music. I favor to go out and also be outdoors. … it is simply my favorite place to be. I didn’t flourish up playing video games. I thrived up capturing crawdads in the creek and minnows and lizards and snakes. And still to this day, I favor to walk out and just it is in in the woods.

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20. What does her answering maker say? do you song your blog post like you perform in “Austin” or perform you simply talk on it? Kaynette is actually on my voice mail, and also it is she announcing mine name, lot as Ed McMahon did through Johnny Carson year ago. And that is every it is. That does no say, “Leave a message.” the says, “Blaaaaaaake Sheeeeeeeeeelton!” it is it.