DALLAS, TX -- This company takes benefit of women and also they must not be enabled to do what castle do. The startup fee is crazy expensive and also doesn"t even include samples- those are extra. The pieces room GARBAGE. They are NOT do IN THE US. Ns emailed Premier and also asked castle specifically and also they would not answer my questions yet skirted the issue. The pieces loss apart constantly and for a $50 necklace I would expect way more. Conserve your money and also go come a jewel store and buy other that will certainly last.

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They make jewelers salary for plenty of things like credit card fees, fees for each show you hold and then encourage girlfriend to keep buying an ext samples and much more products and also before you understand it, you have made NOTHING. I was a designer in Premier after ~ a year and also had 10 people under me. I marketed over 30,000 my first (and only) year. That is an absolute scam. Continue to be away indigenous it.

After one year v 10 people under me, i barely made anything. They also fail to cite the $490 self employment taxation that girlfriend will have to pay the feds. You pay for every return shipping (which is a lot because the pieces space JUNK). And they rope you in with countless brainwashing phone call calls and also "rallies" and trust me, lock are an excellent at brainwashing you right into believing you are offering a an excellent product and "enriching" women"s lives. You are basically overcharging human being for an item, scamming others into joining the firm and it"s all around pressure, pressure, pressure.

I couldn"t sleep at night thinking about the methods this firm pushes on weak women. And also that is it, they prey on weak, short confidence, low self esteemed women that they deserve to rope right into doing this "wonderful business." it is all garbage. I can not sell an additional $5 necklace for $50 if I had actually to conserve my life. Ns felt awful charging world these prices. I am sure that Premier will find these posts and also delete them, but I will keep posting them so civilization know the truth- it is flexibility of speech after all. That is no 50% profit that you do - bottom line. And also they don"t enable you to offer online at every either.

They press you come ostracize yourself from friends and also family v their "book a thons" and also pushing you to ask, ask, questioning for human being to have parties and buy jewelry. They teach you the no doesn"t median no. It method not now. Really? ns don"t think so. The people at the really top room getting very rich from this so correctly it is a pyramid scheme, even though they will certainly tell girlfriend it is not and also give you a handout showing you why that isn"t. BS - the is a pyramid scheme. If i was a designer and that"s the height 3% that the firm and ns made a measly 9,000 this year - then tell me how it"s not a pyramid scheme?? BS - the is a pyramid scheme.

Luckily, ns am a fine educated human (a teacher) and I was strong enough to see v the tactics and also the fake-ness of the all and also I gained out. I wasn"t going to pay my $350 rebirth fee. No give thanks to you Premier, you deserve to take your service elsewhere, to food on a weaker, much less educated woman who demands some confidence. I"ve got all the trust I need in life and I know that i DON"T want TO it is in A component OF A CULT prefer THIS!

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Have friend contacted your jeweler? If you have actually a peeling worry that would be thought about a production defect and Premier will change my the for totally free within 60 work of purchase. After 60 Days only $7 and it will certainly be replaced with a brand brand-new one. The “tarnish” or funny shade sounds choose a sign that it"s dirty and also needs cleaning. If you follow the cleaning and care instructions you might be pleasantly surprised. I share with my customers how to clean and also care for the jewelry just like you perform your clothing, car, etc. If you permit your jeweler to assist you with your jewelry she can aid you deal with the issues. If she is no longer with Premier then you can speak to them or go online and find a jeweler close to you that will be glad to help. Kristie B in Georgia

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WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- From start to finish my experience with this company was a nightmare. I saw a party for a girlfriend of mine who I believe was either friends v or concerned the sales lady in ~ the party. Ns booked a party only to assist my then girlfriend at the time and because i booked a party I gained a free scarf.

In the time between that party and around a week later on I had actually to change the date of the initial party that ns booked as result of family circumstances and also I had reached out to the sales representative to let her understand that ns would store her to update on a day that would work much better and i was called if I never ever intended to actually have actually a party then ns shouldn"t have actually booked one and that ns am responsible to either reimburse her or mail her back the scarf that ns was given.

Also in this time while all this to be happening the girlfriend who had actually the original party whom I"m not friends with anymore was also messaging me usually harassing me to come up v a new party day as soon as feasible when ns never even told my girlfriend at that allude that the party required to be rescheduled which tells me that everything that i was doing and also or saying was being gossiped ago to mine ex-friend whose service none that this concern was.

I replied back to the representative to recognize that I never said that i wasn"t having a party. Ns only had to move the day (to protect against confrontation). Every day from that suggest forward ns received limitless text messages, on facebook messages and also even message from my girlfriend harassing me around the party. Ns was harassed every day about how the invitations were coming, just how the headcount to be coming and if us were still on for the party even ON THE day OF THE PARTY.

When she landed on my residence she had actually asked me numerous times how many civilization I to be expecting come the party as soon as they would be there and rushing v everything. As soon as my guest did arrive she simply stood in the prior of the room and also stared in ~ everybody practically like expecting us to do something. I"ve to be to several comparable parties in the past before and the hostess is constantly had some kind of interactive point planned because that the guests and she had actually absolutely nothing most of the time at the party. She simply stood there.

I ordered enough food to feed everybody and well everybody to be eating in mine kitchen. She just stood in my dining room and did not associate through anyone unless they linked with her and she just had a very stuck up mindset towards my guests as if she had actually something better to do.

Everybody that pertained to my party invested a very huge amount the money on their purchases and also because your purchases recognize what I got as far as a discount top top mine I had to wait until the finish until everybody to be paid for and also when it pertained to me being able to choose my items i had nearly $200 worth of complimentary items and three half priced items that I can have choose from and also I picked 3 items that finished up just being fifty percent of the volume of the complimentary items that ns was allotted but I to be told that ns owed almost $30 for among the items. Once I asked because that clarification ns was looked at prefer I to be stupid and also really acquired no clarification.

Also while ns was make the efforts to decide on what I wanted she was currently packing up everything and also heading out the door basically and also told me if i didn"t get enough time come look she was simply going to leave me a book and also I have the right to use my credits later on so I just let she leave and also a few days later I sent her a list of the things that i wanted. All of which tho only including up come the cost-free credit that i had easily accessible so realistically based on the items that ns packed should have actually only owed she maybe roughly $20 or therefore dollars but I to be told i owe castle $50 and once again it seems as if she picked and also choose i beg your pardon items she thought must be fifty percent price and also free.

Again to protect against confrontation and partially native me assuming that only specific items may have actually qualified come be complimentary items I stated okay and also due come me discovering where she lived since she offered me her address to mail that scarf back. Ns asked she if it would be it s okay if I lugged over my debit card and just ran it through her Square Reader and she claimed yes or we can do the transaction end the phone in ~ the time.

I said okay. Ns would have actually to contact her back the following day to carry out that together I was not going to salary or give my credit card info over the phone. Unfortunately the week we were can not to work-related anything out as much as obtaining the payment made and also I actually had lost my task in the week was together well.

It to be told she to be unable to close mine party and also all my family members members orders till I paid and I construed that and also told her I have actually lost my project that i would need to shot and number something out and also I would gain her money. However I was no doing it over the phone. Ns made much more than one effort to go to her house and also pay with her Square Reader and also she to be insistent that ns pay through my map over the phone.

The critical day i tried to contact her come pay because that the items at she house. I was no contacted earlier until 11 at night and also she said she was also busy come respond come me and also then I can just contact her v my card info or message it to her. Therefore from the aggravation of not wanting come pay over the phone and being ignored as soon as I do attempts to go to her home I told her to just close mine order and put everybody else"s with being that they did pay for their stuff and she stated okay.

This was just recent for this reason we will see how long that takes to acquire our items in such and also just as a side note as well during this totality altercation my friend was continually contacting me as if she was component of the conversation that me and also this rap had actually every time we spoke which come me is extremely rude particularly considering the the other friend did not also attend the party and when having actually a party choose this her Hostess need to not ever before feel like they have to tell the guest in attendance the the party especially not to book a party v the sales representative.

However i made certain I told all of my guest from the really beginning not to autumn for her tricks. This is a Christian-based agency and i feel the they need to pay attention to the form of reps the they let stand for their names because this one has damaged it for me fully I will certainly never have a party v them or even attend one for them ever before again!

IRVING, TEXAS -- ns recently gained invited to a Premier design party. The hostess I use to be cool with invited me & I simply went to show support. She said that every her friend bailed out on she at the critical minute. Me & my husband let her recognize that i wouldn"t be able to buy any kind of jewelry in ~ the party due to the fact that we space on a chop budget. Fine she said me that was fine. No to worry about buying anything. So I checked out it the next day & boy was i sorry! It began off fine till the mrs that invite me made fun of my surname after call me up to volunteer for among her presentations. I was embarrassed however tried no to show it. So climate the presentation continued.

After the party to be over I dubbed my husband come come pick me up. The woman that is over she noticed that & began drilling me about hosting a Premier designs party. Then the mrs that invite me (the hostess) joined she in it. I went to describe how ns really don"t know anyone about here. The it wouldn"t be feasible for me to perform that. Well an additional woman in ~ the party inquiry me if I had Facebook, then told me about making an occasion page & inviting world to it. Ns figured that sounded fine. So i let them understand that ns wasn"t sure exactly how successful the event page would certainly go, but I wouldn"t psychic trying it.

So ns talk through the hostess & describe to her that I"m really not certain what come do. She said me she"d come by my house the next day & help me out with it. I stated ok. She provided me part catalogs & bespeak forms. I asked her around if she"ll need them earlier after the event passed. She called me she would since they make her salary for every that. So I want to make certain to acquire them earlier to her.

Well as soon as my husband ultimately showed increase I went to leave. Together I was walking the end the door the woman that was end the hostess referred to as out come me loud in former of anyone there if due to the fact that my husband was below if i was talk to my husband about some earrings I chosen to assist the hostess out with her party. Ns was so embarrassed & felt choose a deer captured in headlights. Everyone the did to visit this party stared at me. I just told her i couldn"t afford to & left. Fine after the outburst occurred that was the transaction breaker.

Earlier this evening i brought back the stuff to the hostess house. Just told her ns looked it over & won"t have the ability to do it. For this reason it"s to be a nice awkward weekend for me. The jewel looked nice. Not sure if most of this Premier draft parties go this way? I just know native this experience I will never again go to an additional catalog party of any kind. That"s not exactly how you treat civilization period.

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Just put me in a weird spot because both of our husbands space friends v each other. I hung out through her in the previous & to be shocked in ~ the side of her I have recently seen. She usage to it seems to be ~ nice. So the end of respect ns am leaving out people"s names. Additionally what town & state this took location in. This didn"t occur in Texas, yet I put Irving, Texas since that"s whereby I"ve check out this company started from.