SisQo and also Elizabeth Pham. Courtesy the Dragon Music GroupJust married! SisQo bound the knot through longtime fiance Elizabeth Pham on Friday, august 17, Us Weekly can solely confirm.

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The 39-year-old singer wed his bride in one “an intimate Catholic service” in Minneapolis, Minnesota, ceremony, a rep because that Sisqo tells Us exclusively. Members of R&B group Dru Hill to be in attendance as well as Tao, that sang “A Ribbon in the Sky” together the newlyweds lit your unity candle.

Prior to his nuptials, SisQo opened up around the wedding planning process during a #TBT through Us podcast in July and also gushed end his bride and also their relationship.

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“It was among those things where it’s choose she’s my finest friend,” the told Us in ~ the time. “And it to be kinda favor … you know, perhaps I need to number out just how to make this an ext permanent prior to she wakes up and also realizes how crazy ns am.”

SisQo added that the two have actually “known each other for like, a lengthy time,” noting they “were kinda dating like on and off for a while … probably 15 years.”

As because that the proposal, Sisqo states he popped the concern right after their after your daughter KoKo was born in 2014. That told Us: “I proposed and also I got, like, a big, fat rock. Ns did it kinda cool, since I felt favor our child to be the one the kinda saved … I sent out him in v a ring box, and also she looked right into the box and also didn’t view anything … She then checked out look for me to figure out what’s going on. She came around the corner, and I was one knee and I inquiry her and she claimed ‘Yes!’”

The “Thong Song” crooner additionally revealed at the time that planning your wedding has “just sort been prefer a fairy tale.” He included that your wedding venue “was kinda like a castle-ish from the outside.”




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