Tajín, the beloved mexico seasoning, is an all-natural blend of chili peppers, sea salt, and dehydrated lime. In a couple of shakes, that elevates any food native bland come zesty.

Luckily, Tajín exports its assets (including sauces) come the united States, an interpretation we deserve to all gain in on this salty, spicy and citrusy seasoning. 

It is for this reason addictive the there"s literally a label warning children not come eat it prefer candy.

This stuff surprisingly goes fine on everything, from vegetables to dessert.

Here are some unexplained combinations that will certainly convince you to add Tajín to her pantry.

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Amelia Hitchens

Think of that like an additional traditional mexico staple, mole. This hearty chili pepper and also chocolate sauce is generally paired through chicken, however the same preeminence can apply to using Tajín.

Spicy + chocolate = heaven. 

Top off your vanilla ice cream with Tajín to do it less boring. Fruit-flavored ice creams, like coconut and also mango, walk well v the lime in it. 

Fruits & Vegetables

Tajín is probably most frequently sprinkled over slices the mango, yet it can go on any kind of summertime fruit.

Try adding spears that watermelon and pineapple come a cup, dose with some lime (or lemon) juice and top with Tajín.

Once the fruit is eaten, you"re left through fruit juice that"s tart and salty (tastes better than that sounds.) 

For a tiny extra color, use Tajín top top a vegetable platter through cucumbers and carrots.


Alexandra Redmond

Rim your bloody mary or margarita glass with Tajín and also put the salt far forever.

Try this recipe for a michelada. It"s kind of choose bloody mar made through beer instead of vodka.


Sara Carte

Add melted butter and Tajín come homemade popcorn to munch on all day.

Make Tajín a component of your kitchen essentials and also see how plenty of crazy concoctions you can come increase with.

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