Yes. Dumpster diving is unlawful both in the City of las Vegas and also throughout Clark County. Rummaging through various other people’s rubbish is prosecuted as a misdemeanor, carrying a maximum penalty of:

$1,000 in fines, and/or 6 months in prison

The legal term because that dumpster diving is “interference through or remove of containers.”1

What is dumpster diving?

This is the practice of walk through another person’s or company’s trash. Countless divers are looking for edible food or other necessities. Yet others are searching for personal information to commit identification theft.

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People are always encouraged to piece their documents prior to throwing them away, especially if lock contain together sensitive information as:

signatures days of birth social protection numbers addresses credit card numbers financial institution account numbers energy account numbers login information and also passwords pen numbers

Is going with trash always illegal in las Vegas?

Yes. Civilization are prohibited from going through any type of dumpster, trash can, or recyclables container situated on others’ property. The does not issue whether that building is private or public. And it renders no distinction whether the trash is headed because that a landfill or a recycling station.”2

Can ns dumpster dive to look because that my very own property that was thrown out?

Not when the trash has been picked up and also taken far from that person’s property. Human being lose their residential property rights to objects they throw away. As soon as thrown out, trash i do not care the “public domain.”3

Is going through garbage legit anywhere?

In general, going v trash is legal except if over there is a regional ordinance against it. Because that example, both the City of las Vegas and Clark county prohibit going v others’ trash.

As a dominance of thumb, human being should stop raiding a dumpster the is behind a door or on building with a “no trespassing” sign.

In practice, police top top patrol regularly do not notice people rummaging with trash. This is since trash bins may be behind buildings out of see from the main roads. Plenty of of the civilization cited for going with trash were called in by building or save managers.

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What is the penalty because that dumpster diving in las Vegas?

Clark County renders it a misdemeanor come go with another’s garbage. The penalties obtain harsher through each succeeding conviction:4

Dumpster diving conviction in Clark county

Misdemeanor penalties

First $200 – $1,000 in fines, and/or up to 6 month in jail
Second $500 come $1,000 in fines, and/or up to 6 month in jail
Third $1,000 in fines, and also 10 days come 6 month in jail

The las Vegas Municipal code does not specify the punishment because that going with another’s trash in ~ the included city limits. Presumably, it is a misdemeanor carrying:

up to $1,000 in fines, and/or as much as 6 months in jail

Depending top top the circumstances, divers risk obtaining cited for associated misdemeanors together well. These may include:

disorderly conduct, and/or Legal referrals Same.

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