Activity Directions:Find a point out to blow up the coke and also mentos — shot to uncover a spot outside, preferably an open field or lawn.Make a funnel the end of record by roll a paper of record into a tube just huge enough to hold the 7 mentos inside and also tape the side so that it won’t come apart. Make certain the bottom end of the pipe is open so the mentos can loss out.Use the funnel come drop the mentos right into a diet coke and have every the students watch.Run!!!!​Discussion inquiries & scientific research Explanations:Is soda a mixture?Yes, soda is a mixture because it’s a combination of 2+ different substances that are not chemically bonded. They’re simply mixed together. Soda is a mixture that water, carbon dioxide, sugar, and also coloring.But soda is a special type of mixture referred to as a solution. What is a solution?A systems is a homogenous mixture of 2 or much more substances. Homogenous just way that the mixture is the same throughout. Soda is homogeneous since it looks like it’s all the very same thing.What taken place when you placed the mentos into the coke?It go out up!Was this a chemical reaction?A chemical reaction occurs when the molecule bonds the a substance change and the initial substance becomes a various substance. Changing the physical properties the a substance, such as state the matter, isn’t a chemistry reaction because the problem is tho the same. Examples of what is and also isn’t a chemical reaction: burning wood (chemical), food preparation an egg (chemical), iron rusting (chemical), ice cream melting (physical), cut paper(physical), mix play-doh (physical).This is actually no a chemical reaction.Why did that explode?It explodes due to the fact that of a process called nucleation. The surface of the mentos has small pits referred to as nucleation website in i m sorry carbon dioxide balloon in the soda can be released as gas. Because mentos have so many small craters top top their surface ar (like the moon), a ton of bubbles can form quickly as the mentos sink come the bottom and also this relax of gas inside the soda creates push that shoots that up the end of the bottle.​Additional Experimentation:Try utilizing a different type of soda rather of diet coke.Instead that mint mentos, what happens once fruit mentos space used?​

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​Published 6.22.2020

Author: Alex Zhang

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