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It’s in anyone mouth and it come in every sorts of colours and flavours! Today, in the chemistry that things, we talk about chewing gum.

The habit the chewing tree materials is very old and crossed civilizations. However the commercial version of gum didn’t with the U.S. Industry until the mid-19th Century.

In fact, the muscular activity of chewing help concentration, relieves tension and also relaxes the muscles. It to be for these and also other factors that the U.S. Armed forces supplied chewing gum to its soldiers since the very first World War, contributing for it to become increasingly popular.

With the rise in consumption and also the consequent mass manufacturing manufacturers had actually to seek new products the replace herbal resins and started utilizing “gum base” synthesized from petroleum. And what specifically is the ingredient of” gum base”?

Well, this is a well-kept secret by manufacturers, who acquired the right not to point out the comprehensive composition the their commodities on the label. If we look at the ingredient perform of any kind of pack the gum we discover sweeteners, flavouring, colouring and also “gum base”. Similar to that, with no more details!

However, we understand that fans of chewing gum commonly chew on mixture of elastomers, polymers, resins and also paraffin, in different combinations. The most common mixture includes artificial polymers, prefer styrene-butadiene rubber or polyethylene, with a little of herbal latex.

But the investigation doesn’t stop and also chewing gum manufacturers continue to shot to improve their products. Actually, big companies keep laboratories, only to find recipes the are more pleasant come chew, have actually a better texture and also release flavour because that longer.

Oh, and likewise that are less complicated to remove from clothing, hair and the floor!

Chewing gum is no longer simply a form of liquid or a fun way to release sugar and our favourite flavours in our mouth. No, now it’s also a transport mechanism for various other chemical substances.

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There space chewing gums to aid you quit smoking, chewing gums impregnated v amorphous calcium phosphate to help maintain healthy teeth, chewing gums with caffeine and also chewing gums with vitamins.

And that knows if, in a not too far-off future, chewing gum can be offered as a means of applying medicinal drugs?