Skydiving and also bungee jumping are generally considered in the same classification of experiences. Castle both have actually a leap the faith, a complimentary fall and can inspire chills just watching someone carry out it. A typical question is even if it is to bungee jump or to skydive, and there are a variety of differences between the two. This article compares the 2 in a fight of the experiences!

Which is Safer?

While both skydiving and bungee jumps are really safe when performed correctly, fatality statistics imply bungee jumps space slightly safer.

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The Australian Parachute Federation carried out a report in 2017 i m sorry looked at the proportion of jumps per fatality. When it varies significantly, the averages out to around 1 fatality because that every 350,000 skydives. This equates to about 2.5 fatalities every year.

Bungee jumping statistics assume 1 fatality because that every 500,000 jumps. Over the critical 20 years, there have been 23 bungee jumping associated deaths, which equates to roughly 1.15 deaths per year.

Which is Cheaper?

The price the the experiences rely on a variety of factors, including:

altitudelocationday/time (e.g. Weekends/mornings etc.)

All rather equal with comparative components (as above), bungee jumping is cheaper than skydiving. In fact, it"s almost half the price! for example, a bungee experience in Cairns expenses $179, conversely, a 14,000ft skydive in the same an ar will expense $295.

Which is much more fun?

A question choose this is largely subjective, yet a skydiving is generally a better experience. This is based upon 5 reasons:

You"ll reach terminal velocity (220km/h) ~ above a skydiveSkydiving has a longer freefall.Bungee jumping freefall = 4-5 secondsSkydiving freefall= 40-70 secondsSkydiving is significantly greater with broader scope that surroundings/better viewsBungee Jumping height = Skydiving elevation = 10,000ft - 15,000ftSkydiving experience is longerBungee run Duration = 2 minute (immediate cost-free fall + 2 minute hang-time)Skydiving expression = 5 minutes (1 minute totally free fall + ~4 minute parachute come ground)And you acquire a scenic trip in an airplane before a skydive!

The specific numbers will vary, however a skydive is always from a better height, definition longer and also faster complimentary falls. And also the parachute drive gliding ago down come ground is also great fun ~ above a skydive!


Which is scarier?

We asked this concern to 20 people who have actually experienced both jumps and 90% stated bungee jumping is a scarier suffer than skydiving. 3 of the main reasons cited are:

Proximity come ground. When you bungee jump, the furthest extension of the cord will generally dangle you from within 10 metres that the ground.The surroundings are lot closer - one of two people by forest, cliff, canyon or waterfall. Once you have actually points of reference, you deserve to see how fast you really room falling. Whereas with a skydive it"s just you and also the open air.In a tandem skydive, you"re attached come a expert instructor which provides the security doing not have on a bungee jump. We recognize both activities are safe, yet you"re doing the alone on a bungee jump.

Conclusion - Which must I do?

Both are an excellent experiences i beg your pardon will press you well beyond your lull zone. If both tasks are very safe, statistics suggest bungy jumping is contempt safer. Considering you"re more likely to be eliminated by a bee sting, this shouldn"t specifically be prior of mind once making your decision.

A skydive is a longer and more diverse experience which will actors you off right into the air v a longer cost-free fall. You"ll get much better views on both the means up and means down. You"ll gain a longer drawn out adrenaline hit and you"ll reach faster speeds 보다 you will certainly on a bungee jump. For these reasons, I usually recommend booking a skydive rather of a bungee jump.

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There are some points the go come the bungee jump, mainly related come price and also the increased are afraid factor. As discussed above, a bungee experience is commonly considered an ext frightening due to the freefall proximity come the ground and also other ecological factors. It"s additionally worthwhile considering the price benefit it has over skydiving. If you"re top top a tight budget or have currently been skydiving, then a bungee jump is most likely a much better choice because that you.