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varieties of Data:

Data can show up in numerous forms: • Data values can be numbers, described as quantitative data. • Data values can be names or labels, described as qualitative data. • Data values have the right to be numbers which act as names instead of number (such as phone numbers with dashes: 300-453-1111), making them qualitative data.
Data values, of any kind of kind, without your context space useless. A list of numbersis of small importance if the is not recognized to what the number apply.
• faces numbers. • likewise referred to together Numerical Data. • Data which can be measured. • Height, weight, area, volume, length, time, temperature, speed, cost, etc. • Quantitative → quantity


• 38 students • 3 field trips per year • median GPA 3.5 • 20 girls, 18 boys• 3 foreign exchange students
• adult weight 28 pounds • life span 15 year • height 15 inches • hip dysplasia ranking 115 *good • sanctuary price $200
• encounters names, labels, descriptions. • also referred to as Categorical Data. • Data which can not measured. • Eye color, smells, car models, textures, tastes, favorites, liquid bars, etc. • Qualitative → Quality

Univariate data means "one variable" (one kind of data). Bivariate data method "two variables" (two types of data).

Statistical Analysis: • procedures of main tendency - mean, mode, typical • outliers and interquartile variety • range, maximum, minimum, variance, quartiles, mean absolute deviation, traditional deviation • shape, center, spread or distribution
Statistical Analysis: • correlations • comparison, causes, relationships, explanations • analysis of 2 variables all at once • tables showing one variable depending upon the various other variable • independent and also dependent variables
Displays: • Two-Way Frequency Tables • Scatter Plots • heat of best Fit • Linear/Quadratic Regressions • Residuals

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Example: Is there a relationship in between the number of skateboards a student in the first year owns and his/her last test score in Algebra 1?

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