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Just bought a "94 Silverado and would prefer to get an ext power out of the ~ runs well however is a tiny sluggish beginning the freeway or as soon as I desire to "get top top it". Is this carb or fuel injected and what can I perform to spice things up below without spending a small fortune?Thanks for any type of advice you pro"s may have!Jrock

It is injected, if girlfriend don"t have a lot of money to spend you might just to buy a performance chip...maybe 35 hp (don"t allow the adds fool you), a new air filter and free flowing exhaust or simply the muffler. If friend havn"t installed new plugs and also wires lately the will assist a little also. All relies on how much $$$$ you desire to spend.
Just to buy a "94 Silverado and also would favor to get more power out of the ~ runs well but is a little sluggish beginning the freeway or once I want to "get ~ above it". Is this carbohydrate or fuel injected and also what have the right to I carry out to spice things up below without spending a little fortune?Thanks for any kind of advice girlfriend pro"s might have!Jrock

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A 94 is accelerator Body Injected (TBI). The injectors room located above a 2 barrel accelerator body similar in configuration to the boosters the a carb. However these are injectors, they role like injectors in the they room under the complete control of a computer system program.The engine you have actually is a swirl port headed motor, that"s to say within the intake harbor is a vane that runs indigenous the valve guide to the inside runner wall. It"s objective is to placed a spin right into the mixture as it flows right into the chamber and also bore. This that does well and also greatly boosts low RPM torque and fuel economy. The down side is the the vane greatly reduces mixture flow above 4000 RPM by simply getting in the method where the is no longer needed in ~ those prices of harbor flow. Over there is a large business in head replacement because that these engines with either the 96 increase Vortec or a comparable design aftermarket head. If you must pass an emissions test, the Vortec is out. They space noticeable by the tester and are grounds for rejection together an illegal equipment change. Now the truth be told, they will certainly functionally happen an emissions test, it"s simply that GM never ever sought one California Air sources Board (CARB) exemption for them. The old L98 head found on mid 80s to beforehand 90s Corvettes and Camaros in aluminum and also Impalas in actors iron are pretty lot the very same is her swirl ports yet don"t have the vane. Same ports, same burning chamber, not fairly as great as Vortecs however not trashy either. Look at for spreading 10088113 in aluminum or 12556463 in iron, painted black, these look like the heads you have and will expropriate your intake and have a provision for EGR, points the GM Vortec doesn"t have actually that will certainly make girlfriend life easier if you walk this route.The other thing is the weak cam, the van engines barely have a electronic came at all with timing much less than 180 degrees and also lift at or just under .4 inch. However, the TBI injection is not crazy about large cams as these lower manifold vacuum i m sorry is prime input to the computer system that is supplied to compute air flow thru the engine and also the fuel crucial to assistance ideal burning with that flow. Edlebrock makes a level tappet cam, i m sorry this block most likely is, with the number 3701 in ~ 194 levels intake and also 214 exhaust or a 112 degree LSA. If you have actually a roller block you could use 2209 with 212 on the intake, 222 top top the exhaust and also 112 top top the LSA. These parts will quickly make a 300 come 330 horse engine out of that 350 which is around a hundreds hp improvement. You"ll probably need a new chip come dial it in fully for the go to few of these places:v have the right to pick up part power through a an easy performance chip choose those indigenous JET, but they acquire the power by upping the fuel flow and also ignition timing. If you"re top top the legal leaf of pass the emissions test, this will certainly prove to it is in one leap as well far.You"ll it is in tempted to usage headers and also duals, be forewarned that this will cause the EGR password to be collection because the back-pressure is reduced which diminishes the expected exhaust circulation thru the EGR valve. A company engine irradiate on will certainly be immediate reason for rejection once emissions space tested. This have the right to be fooled because that a while by shutting down before the test, climate restart and never allow the engine above 1500 RPM no one the vehicle above 30 mph. You should get about 10 minute of grace prior to the light comes on again. Practice before the real thing, not every one of these respond exactly the same. Instead of the cat does marvels for gaining some an are back ~ above the emissions test. If GM available duals in California together an choice on this truck and also engine combo, you have the right to perform the mod. If not, you"d far better not, just settle ~ above a enlarge pipe, muffler and also cat.Bogie