Iron man Vs. Superman: 5 factors Superman Would success (& 5 means Iron guy Would Dominate) stole Man and Superman are two that the peak heroes in Marvel and also DC. If the 2 were come fight, each has actually merits because that why they"d win.

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Superman/Iron Man
The people of comics is always fun to play roughly in. Come mess around and come up with incredible fights between favorite heroes and characters. Sometimes, those fights don"t always seem the fairest at an initial glance, such as setting up the man of Steel, Superman, versus one that Marvel"s peak heroes, stole Man.

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Now, most fans would certainly take a look at this matchup and twin over in fits the laughter. It sounds cut and also dry. After ~ all, Superman has plenty of toughness since, well, he"s Superman. Yet, Tony Stark has actually his very own strengths, ones that execute make him a worthy adversary in this mind-blowing crossover.

Tony distinct in the Iron male Suit
A guy in spandex doesn"t sound all that intimidating. After all, Superman"s fit is just a blue onesie v his underwear on the outside. Yet, placed that up against a guy in a fit of metal and also the odds in reality favor the blue onesie.

Beyond the obvious suggest of Superman"s powers, the doesn"t require the fit to be a hero. He doesn"t have to rely on technology or gadgets. All he demands is his mind, his gifts, and his strength to aid him save the day and also be together heroic together his DCEU counterpart. That"s what provides him Superman.

9 stole Man: Intellect

Tony Stark evaluating screens the information
that course, assuming that Tony stark is just a man in a metal suit isn"t the finest notion to save at the front of one"s mind. Iron Man and also his groundbreaking movie prove the he is more than simply a male in a steel suit and also his intellect and mind allow for him come rise over that "stereotype."

One the the smartest characters in the Marvel universe, stark is constantly thinking 5 steps ahead and planning the end every possibility and also contingency. He might not it is in Reed Richards yet he"s smart enough to occupational at a setup to take on a basic boy indigenous Kansas.

Superman lifting other heavy
The price just about every fan provides for why they favor Superman relates to his powers. This isn"t the just reason but that is the most typical due come how strong of a hero Supes is.

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Super strength, supervisor speed, laser beams, X-ray vision, invulnerability, and of course, flight, Superman has actually just around every strength in the publication (including some really strange ones). A an ext powerful locomotive and faster 보다 a speeding bullet is more than enough to take on a man with a heart condition in a metal suit.

7 steel Man: Technology

Iron Man's suits that armor ready for battle
equipped with his intellect and also brains, Tony"s to be able to create some wonderful and also awe-inspiring creations. From gift a tools dealer to a superhero, Stark"s always crafting some brand-new kind that armor that will offer him the edge.

From the classic suits come the huge hulk buster layout wear and the exceptionally intricate nano suits, steel Man always has a suit simply for the chance which has actually led to some great suit-up scenes in the movies. Chances are, he"d be an ext than capable of crafting a fit to save on computer the likes that Superman.

once the going it s okay tough, the ideal backup any type of hero deserve to have are their allies. If Iron male does regulate to overwhelm Superman, Supes may uncover himself calling in back-up in the form of the Dark article himself, Batman.

If anything, Batman and Iron man are all too comparable as brilliant, playboy philanthropists running approximately in expensive suits. Chances are, Superman could contact on Batman to level the playing field whether it be in an innovation or brains, and also weaken iron Man before he can complete the epic superhero brawl.

5 iron Man: Doctor Strange

acquisition on the likes the Superman isn"t easy, especially for a male in a fit of armor. However, Superman does have a few weaknesses, one of which is magic. So who would Tony speak to on because that backup? His awesome facial hair brother, medical professional Stephen Strange.

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The Sorcerer Supreme would certainly be an ext than capable of arming himself v the necessary spells and enchantments to weaken Superman. Whether it is the hoary hoasts or the Eye the Agamotto, weird could reason Superman to stumble and also let Tony acquire in one last hit.

In the end, the worst the the worst can be used to take it on the ideal of the best. If everything else fails, if the various other can"t it is in stopped, it"s possible the heroes might turn to each other"s rivals. Because that Superman, he may turn to the likes the The Mandarin because that backup.

One the Tony"s biggest foes, the Mandarin is equipped with ten ring that provide him amazing and otherworldly powers. Backing increase the man of Steel, the Mandarin can tear Tony apart and also then be locked increase by Superman.

3 iron Man: Lex Luthor

If Superman turns to the Mandarin because that help, possibilities are Tony"s gonna the same. There space plenty that Superman foes to revolve to, native Metallo and also his Kryptonite to basic Zod and also his same strength. However, possibilities are, Tony will revolve to one of the first baddies ~ above the list, Lex Luthor.

Sharing a genius-level intellect and an assortment that gadgets, Luthor and also Tony"s brains combined could come up v some contraption or tool that could stop Superman dead in his tracks and leave both billionaires victorious and also sipping on champagne in celebration.

Whenever audience think the Superman, lock think that a guy with all the strength in the world. They imagine a super force akin to the of a God that if left unchecked, could wipe the end the world. Yet, castle seem to forget around Superman"s humanity.

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Raised together Clark Kent in Smallville, Supes has actually seen the world and seen the civilization for that they are. He protects them and also offers goodness that"s presented through in several of his finest comic arcs. If he reflects an ounce of mankind to Tony, Stark might just invite him to join the Avengers.

1 steel Man: Kryptonite

As pointed out before, Tony distinct was as soon as a tools dealer. Because then, he"s made part pretty outstanding suits but always keeps them armed to the teeth. The suggest being, if Tony really wanted to, all he"d have to do is eight his suits v one thing: Kryptonite.

The eco-friendly rock the happens to be Clark"s best weakness in the hands of Tony would be devastating to the Kryptonian. All it would take is a green tank missile aimed at the guy of Steel"s head and the fight would certainly be over.

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