As suppliers bounce front from disruption, there are more demands put on employee productivity and also efficiency. All too often, this outcomes in emotion overwhelmed — recorded in a web of limitless emails, too much meetings, and also unexpected phone call calls.

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Enterprise and individual productivity shouldn"t be a battle. In fact, they count on every other. As soon as the 2 aren"t in sync, one frequently acts together a obstacle to the other.

Here"s just how to align the misaligned, balance the workload, and also unlock the complete potential that both individual and also enterprise productivity.

Obviously, the score of every organization is to be as productive as possible at both levels. You require your individual employees to achieve their everyday responsibilities much more efficiently if you expect your company to be an ext productive.

Yet, plenty of enterprises room going about this every wrong. Considering what technology allows employee to carry out — occupational remotely, switch in between spreadsheets, make reservation desks, automate reports — things that weren"t possible twenty years ago, you might assume that productivity has actually increased. But it hasn"t.

The recent data indigenous the United claims Department that Labor shows that even with the technology boom, as whole labor productivity dropped 4.2% because that the fourth quarter of 2020.

What go this mean for you? Well, it way you likely need to transition your productivity focus and also how you regulate it. Many executives think enterprise productivity is just the cumulative impact of individual employee productivity. And while that"s absolutely a factor, it"s not quite that simple.

There’s a difference. And understanding these differences will enable you come foster both productivity varieties within your company — which at some point benefits your employees and your company"s in its entirety profitability.

What is individual productivity?

Some define individual performance as acquiring a ton of stuff done in a stylish manner. Come others, it method setting and accomplishing personal goals. We say it’s a mix of the two.

Individual efficiency in the workplace way completing tasks that put you closer come accomplishing your collection goals in a fashionable manner and also helps bring an ext balance and also simplicity to your work-life.

When an individual"s occupational depends top top the functions of countless other people, what happens if an employee comes right into the office to find there aren"t any kind of desks available? Or if communication breaks down? Time wasted. Money wasted.

Every company should encourage and make individual productivity feasible by offering the ideal working environment and technology. Native the C-suite under to the lowest employee on the totem pole, achieving personal productivity means employees have greater focus and also are able to produce much more results faster.

What is companies productivity?

Enterprise productivity is commonly interchanged with terms such together "organizational productivity" and also "enterprise performance." Every enterprise has a different meaning of companies productivity and while there"s no standard definition, it"s easy to obtain the gist. Some institutions say enterprise efficiency revolves approximately efficiency and working smarter. Others case it means a lasting worth that’s created when you effectively balance increased profits with effective use of assets.

It doesn"t matter how you define enterprise productivity. What yes, really matters is questioning yourself this one question: What work drives worth at my company?

It"s tempting to think of productivity at the separation, personal, instance level. Her employees may be highly productive — in terms of getting a many their own work done. That course, the doesn"t do much an excellent if what they"re doing doesn"t actually drive value to the company.

Don’t be like this billion-dollar tech agency that uncovered out 50% of their employee time had been spent engaging v partners — $200 million of annual employee time — and also this time had zero correlation through their companies value.

Rather 보다 waste a far-ranging amount that time and money, discover the ideal balance in between individual productivity and also enterprise productivity.

Fostering enterprise and individual productivity

A focus on individual performance is a worthy and needed goal because improved productivity means you have actually highly engaged and happy employees, when a focus on enterprise productivity is what provides enterprise enterprise competitive and also sustainable.


Company executives space constantly pressured come magnify workplace productivity and also growth when optimizing their resources. However given that 41% that the worldwide workforce is considering leaving their existing job in ~ the following year, according to Microsoft"s newly released report, it"s time to rethink that strategy.

While it"s difficult to know for certain why people are prepared to find a new role, LiveCareer"s recent study may hold the key: 29% of employees claimed they"d battered if employers compelled them to provide up remote job-related entirely.

It’s clear the your emphasis needs to it is in on cultivating both individual and enterprise efficiency to really acquire a competitive advantage in today’s highly-competitive service world.

So where execute you start? Here"s just how to encourage both varieties of productivity:

Step 1: shift to an business mindset

According to Microsoft"s 2021 world Trends index — i m sorry analyzed more than 30,000 interviews in enhancement to task data from LinkedIn and Microsoft 365 — leaders are out the touch with their workforce. Sixty-one percent of leaders say they"re "thriving" best now, compared to much less than 40% the non-decision makers.

For staff, 54% of who reported feeling overworked, longer hours can have long-term results on their satisfaction in ~ work, as whole individual productivity, and the success that the company.

Those findings are supported through several recent studies, consisting of a survey of end 13,000 professionals performed by Asana. Their findings show nearly 3 in 4 workers skilled burnout together the variety of employees working longer hours increased an amazing 87% because the start of the pandemic.

Being at the height of the company, your attitudes affect everyone else’s. Instead of thinking around productivity at the individual or team level, maintain an organizational mindset. Then, acquire every employee in every room to change from their an individual productivity attitude to an business one together well.

It’s human nature to it is in a tiny focused top top what work you need to gain done in a work or what requirements to take place for your certain department to meet its goals. Show your employees what"s in it because that them! demonstrate how an organizational mentality services them individually on optimal of benefitting the totality company.

Step 2: understand the art of reliable communication

When a agency prioritizes visibility, the first step is having effective communication. Clear and also effective interaction is the an essential that unlocks true productivity. If employees are regularly reporting to room heads and also teams space holding continual meetings to comment on progress ~ above projects, then everyone is remaining up-to-date and also in the understand on those happening approximately them.

In a post-pandemic inspection of over 4,000 employees, a staggering 95% have been same or an ext productive while functioning from home. Yet the exact same survey also found a large portion the the workforce genuinely misses coming into the office — greatly for the social benefits.

With the in mind, you deserve to expect employee to use the office because that collaborating, seeing their coworkers in person, and also a opportunity for the "water cooler chats" they"ve been lacking for the critical 12 months. Make sure people have what they have to be abundant in the office. Invest in teamwork tools, favor real-time communication apps and also meeting monitoring software, come facilitate much better teamwork and also team unity, which leads to better individual and enterprise productivity.

You’ll understand your efforts have succeeded when the profit of individual performance actually add up to her enterprise-level ones.

Step 3: Utilize tools that allow total visibility

The best tools always help you obtain the job done (and done better). In this case, you require tools that will administer complete visibility right into the everyday work that’s being done and also whether or no there"s worth being created.

You need workplace analytics, therefore you and everyone else has a better, clearer knowledge of your company’s day-to-day activities. Visibility eliminates uncertainty, which has actually an extensive impact on your organization structure and processes.

Step 4: Rethink what productivity way for a functional workplace

For most organizations, a hybrid rectal will resolve the evolving needs of the labor force far better than the traditional 9-5 job-related schedule that requires employees to be in the office each day.

One way to certain success for the hybrid future that work: flexible seating.

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If you"re not sure just how to get your employees warmed up to idea of hot desking, this free guide walks friend through whatever you need to know around making it occupational for your team.