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Gastro- is a combining form used choose a prefix meaning “stomach.” it is regularly used in clinical terms, an especially in anatomy and also pathology.

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Gastro- originates from the Greek gastḗr, definition “stomach” or “belly.”

What space variants that gastro-?

When merged with native or word elements that begin with a vowel, gastro- becomes gastr-, together in gastralgia.

One word girlfriend may have encountered that provides the combining type gastro- is gastrology, “the examine of the structure, functions, and also diseases of the stomach.”

We know gastro- method “stomach,” therefore what does the -logy section of words mean? that’s right, -logy describes “science,” ultimately from the Greek lógos, definition “word, thought” among many other senses. Gastrology literally translates to “stomach science.”

What space some native that usage the combining kind gastro-?

What are some other creates that gastro- may be typically confused with?

The gastro- in words gastropub, a bar the serves great food and also high-quality drinks, is actually quick from gastronomy, “the art or scientific research of great eating.” associated is gastronome, “a connoisseur of good food.”

Break that down!

Gastropod is the surname for a form of mollusks, including snails and slugs. The combining type -pod method “one having a foot.” What, then, is the literal translation of the name gastropod?

How to use gastro- in a sentence

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British usmam.org definitions for gastro-


often prior to a collection gastr-

combining form
stomachgastroenteritis; gastritis

Word beginning for gastro-

from Greek gastēr

Medical definitions for gastro-


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Stomach; gastric:gastritis.


manticorenoun | SEE DEFINITION
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