In this lesson, students will be presented to few of the hidden tactics regularly used by advertisers in marketing your products. Students will certainly be request to think about the impact of these techniques on self-esteem and also body image, and to come up through some different advertising formats that can send healthy messages. The tasks were adapted with permission indigenous the walk GIRLS! Curriculum created by the nationwide Eating disorders Association. 

At the end of the lesson, students will be maybe to:

explain different techniques used by advertisersanalyze fashion and beauty advertisements


Why is it necessary to it is in a an important viewer of advertisements?


Enduring Understandings

Some advertisements room deceptive since they save on computer manipulated images and messages designed to make the viewer want to imitate what is shown and also purchase the featured products.

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Fashion newspaper layouts and also ads, catalogues, and also website ads for women’s and girls’ clothing and also beauty products


advertising (noun) the procedure of creating something (such together a TV or radio commercial or published ad) the is displayed or presented to the public to assist sell a product or to make an announcement


Suggested Procedure

1. Share v students some of the methods advertisers use to create the "perfect" woman. most of the photos that we check out in fashion advertisements indicate a remarkable amount that thought, planning and editing. Every element is intentional—every color, every shadow, every hand position. Even the the smallest item in a scene, look at insignificant, was favored for a reason—to convey a very certain mood, emotion or relationship. Below are few of the tools of the advertiser’s trade:

Physical tactics: clothes used in fashion layouts frequently comes in one small size provided by the designer. In bespeak for different models to fit the same dress, advertises usage a selection of "body enhancers" and “body reducers.” because that example:

Bras space stuffed v pads to fill out the front of a dress the is also loose. Padded underwear is additionally used to fill out the ago of a dress.Duct-tape is often used to tape breasts with each other to develop cleavage.Girdles are used to squeeze the meat of models right into a dress sample size that is also small.Excess meat is duct-taped in the ago for a front-angle photograph portraying a taut, streamlined, wrinkle-free body. Models deserve to be taped from the front for a rear or side angle photo showing tight, for sure hips, buttocks, legs and arms.Heavy clamps are provided to cinch apparel in and weigh it down to develop an illusion that the perfect fit.

These physical tactics also aid to define why clothing rarely look the same as soon as people shot them on in the keep as they do in advertisements, in fashion layouts and also on mannequins.

Image manipulation: when a photograph shoot is complete, photographs can be changed even additional through a procedure called re-imaging. The image deserve to be readjusted in thousands of ways. These alters can differ from a basic adjustment to a radical restructuring the the entire scene. Virtually every newspaper or website image uses computer re-imaging in some way.

Colors can be transformed. Eye color, hair color, clothing colors deserve to all be easily replaced with the click of a button.A smoothing method can be used to minimization the illustration of wrinkles, lines, blemishes and shadows.An erasing tool is regularly used come literally get rid of inches native a model"s thighs, hips, waist and also arms.Some advertisements combine different body components from various models to produce the “perfect woman.” Advertisers have the right to “create” a woman who does no exist in real life by using the foot of one model, the head the another and also the arms of a third.All of this alterations are nearly undetectable, leading the consumer to think that this models watch this method naturally.

Ask: “If we room taught the it is normal and desirable to look favor the models in ads and also fashion layouts, walk that imply that it is abnormal, undesirable and even ugly if people do have wrinkles, veins, pores, cellulite, birthmarks, bodily hair and also other natural body characteristics?”

Share with students the poll outcomes that uncovered 75 percent the women space dissatisfied v their appearance. Ask: “Do friend think advertising plays a role in this statistic? Why?”

As you conduct the lesson, it is important to emphasize the "thin" is not bad and also that many world are genetically predisposed to a slim body type. Yet when newspaper features, television shows, web sites, and all varieties of proclaiming portray just thin women, this have the right to lead culture to believe that thin—and only thin—is normal and desirable.

2. Ask her students to bring magazines and advertisements to class. After lock have had actually time to look v these visual aids, ask and also discuss the adhering to questions:

What species of body are most prevalent?Do any of the fashion layouts (as opposed to advertisements) present diverse body sizes? (While part product advertisers are beginning to use a couple of diverse size models, very couple of fashion magazines execute so—unless the magazine is target at an older, plus-sized, or other specific audience.)Do the models in the advertisements call a true story that the natural diversity that exists in the real human being with to the to body size and also shape, ethnicity or age? Why or why not?How carry out advertisements try to specify for united state what is "normal" and “desirable”?How might advertisements make people feel inadequate, imperfect and dissatisfied with their bodies?What words and images do ads usage to try to convince us that if we buy their product we will certainly look favor these models?How execute some advertisements convey to united state that a woman"s success has much more to perform with her appearance 보다 her intelligence, competence, or strength? How can this messaging be damaging to women’s me esteem?Why could such ads encourage some young women, dissatisfied through their appearance, to revolve to dieting or also to eating obstacle in an effort to come to be “normal,” “acceptable” or “beautiful”?

3. Being a vital Viewer: phone call students that there’s naught wrong v enjoying fashion or celebrity magazines and also websites. Plenty of contain important, informative and entertaining articles. And also there’s nothing wrong through wanting to be stylish or using and also buying beauty products. What is necessary is making sure that we space purchasing this products and supporting these advertisers by an option rather than by gift manipulated by hidden heralding tactics.

Ask: “What room some practical reasons you could buy a product?” together an example, speak that we might choose to purchase a particular form of shampoo because that a number of different reasons—the brand is great for curly hair, the brand is an excellent for brown hair, the commercial to be funny, the bottle is cute, the brand is inexpensive—all the these reasons depend on an individual preference.

Note the what is no acceptable is to it is in manipulated right into purchasing a specific brand because the advertisers of that brand tried to make us feel ugly, inferior, boring, stupid and also unpopular—promising to assist us come to be beautiful, perfect, exciting, brilliant and desirable merely by purchase a party of shampoo.

Ask: “So, just how do we recognize the difference?” ~ students share their answers, read and also discuss tips around becoming a critical viewer the the media. Students deserve to read the second half at home, or use the information later once they are occurring peer awareness materials.


To be a vital Viewer, Remember:

All media images and messages room constructions. They are NOT reflections of reality. Advertisements and also other media messages have been very closely crafted through an will to send a very details message.Advertisements are developed to perform one thing: to convince you to buy or support a certain product or service.To to convince you to buy a specific product or service, advertisers will frequently construct one emotional suffer that looks favor reality. Remember, girlfriend are only seeing what the advertisers desire you come see.Advertisers develop their message based on what castle think you will desire to see and what they will think will affect you and compel you to buy their product. Just since they think their technique will work-related with human being like friend doesn’t typical it needs to work with you together an individual.

To help promote healthy body picture messages in the media, girlfriend can:

Talk back to the TV as soon as you see an advertisement or listen a article that makes you feel bad around yourself or her body by cultivating only thin body ideals.Write a letter come an advertiser friend think is sending positive, motivating messages the recognize and also celebrate the natural diversity of human body shapes and also sizes. Reinforce your courage to send positive, affirming messages.Tear the end the pages of her magazine that contain advertisements or short articles glorifying thinness or degrading world of larger sizes. Reap your newspaper without an adverse media messages about your body.Talk to your friends about media messages and also the means they do you feel.Make a perform of companies who repetitively send an unfavorable body photo messages and make a aware effort to stop buying your products. Compose them a letter explaining why you space using your "buying power" to protest your messages. Tell her family and friends around your choices.

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Extension Activity

Do Something

Ask students come recreate among the advertisements to be more inclusive that different types of people and also body types. Short article both the old and new ads alongside each various other in the classroom or in a school ar space.


Alignment to common Core State Standards CCSS SL.1, SL.2, SL.4, R.2, R.4, R.6, RI 4, RI.7, RI. 9