You assumed you can be obtaining a web traffic or speeding ticket, however now you find yourself encountering a criminal fee of reckless driving. If reckless driving might sound like a very minor charge, any type of criminal charge must be bring away seriously.

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You can finish up v a permanent criminal document from this incident, and there are genuine circumstances in reckless driving instances that could even land girlfriend in jail.

Perhaps you were in a hurry or an emergency come up. We know that periodically you obtain distracted when driving. Her reckless driving violation is most most likely an honest mistake. Unfortunately, going v the California Courts can make girlfriend feel prefer a hardened criminal.

When facing any criminal charges, particularly charges that bring potential jail time, an experienced and reliable attorney have the right to make the process more tolerable and also increase the likelihood the you having actually a hopeful outcome in court.

We have defended many reckless driving cases in California. Possibilities are yours is similar to few of those us have currently handled. We know exactly how the court work and also how to aid you in the best manner possible. Contact for a consultation on her reckless driving fees today.

Reckless Driving legislations & Penalties

California statute defines reckless driving together driving v “willful or wanton overlook for the safety and security of persons or property”. Reckless driving is a misdemeanor. If the prosecution deserve to prove girlfriend drove in together a manner, you might be dealing with jail time.

There are several possible driving actions that can be considered in determining her guilt. The price of speed, swerving, and also tailgating space all possible behaviors the prosecution will use versus you in court.

If you are uncovered guilty the reckless driving you will challenge a potential sentence of as much as 90 days in jail and also fines up to $1,000. A conviction also counts together 2 clues on her driving record. This kind of conviction can likewise cause your auto insurance rates to be increased.

Ref: California Reckless Driving laws – California vehicle Code 23103

Is Reckless control A Misdemeanor or Felony in California?

Reckless driving itself is a misdemeanor under California law. Just in a situation of “road rage” or extremely aggressive driving where someone to be seriously injured would certainly you be charged through a felony offense. The felony itself would certainly be felony assault with a deadly weapon (a vehicle).

Most people who are came to with whether or not reckless control is a felony room worried that could affect their present or future employment opportunities. The hazard of a misdemeanor conviction doesn’t usually have the same impact, also though that is serious and you have to fight to avoid any permanent conviction on her record, if at every possible.

Road Rage, very Aggressive Driving, and Assault w/a fatal Weapon Charges

Although there is no details “road rage” regulation on the California books, you have the right to be criminally charged for extremely aggressive driving if that fits specific criteria. First, you would certainly most most likely be charged through reckless driving and second, you may be fee with attack or assault with a fatal weapon.

Assault v a deadly weapon is a major offense that deserve to be charged together a misdemeanor or a felony. Once you are in her vehicle and also driving aggressively, your automobile is seen as a deadly weapon. This method that if you operate your auto in a forceful manner the is most likely to produce good bodily injury, you might be charged through this offense.

Felony assault with a fatal weapon carries v it a sentence the 2-4 years in the California State jail system. If you are charged through misdemeanor assault with a fatal weapon you will face up come one year in ar jail.

Ref: Road fury – California Penal Code section 245

Reckless driving – Alcohol Related

A reckless steering charge entailing alcohol, aka a wet reckless, is most commonly a plea transaction for a reduction in charges from a DUI charge. That is not common for a wet reckless come be charged on its very own unless there are reasons the police and also prosecutors don’t think they have the right to prove a straight DUI offense.

See my web page on the penalties because that a “wet” reckless steering in California.

How perform I struggle a Reckless control Ticket in California?

Not every driving offenses room as basic as a ticket. As soon as you are dealing with charges choose reckless control you could possibly be sentenced come jail time. This deserve to be a frightening prospect.

And even if friend aren’t really at threat of prison (you yes, really aren’t in typical instances without significant injury or various other consequences), any type of criminal conviction on your document can reason serious difficulties to her future opportunities. Elevator checks space commonplace because that jobs, apartments, internships, volunteer opportunities, and many other purposes. Even a minor or misunderstood blemish on your record can acquire you passed end without you ever before knowing about it.

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