Umm, I know millions of human being have currently asked this, but im the town hall Hannah montana right now, and also i just heard Selena Gomez singing " If cupid had actually a love " and its a good song. Walk anyone understand if she really sings that song?



OK you every were right. She did no sing cupid had actually a heart, because here is the theme track for Wizards of Waverly Place. She sings rather well, Sorry around the horrible high quality of the video, its no
If below web website doesn"t have her with any kind of singing credits i doubt she sang that. The person who sang that had actually a wonderful voice and would have some singing background ns think.

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Alright I uncovered this, If girlfriend scroll down it states she sings the theme tune for wizards the waverly location or w/e . Http:// dont know around Hannah Montana though.
Alright I uncovered this, If girlfriend scroll under it says she sings the theme tune for wizards the waverly ar or w/e . Http:// dont know around Hannah Montana though.
Hi - I just came across your write-ups from a couple of months ago. I"m the writer the "If Cupid had a Heart" and it"s a full-length (3 1/2 minute) track sung by Julie Griffin -- yet it"s lip synched in "Hannah Montana" by among the actresses. It"s been used in a few TV shows and movies (like "Little miss Sunshine", "Longshot", "Popstars", "Facts that Life Reunion Movie", "Grosse Pointe", and also "Maybe It"s Me") however never in the entirety, and it"s never been on CD. For this reason unfortunately, the full-length variation hasn"t been released. If anyone wants to hear the totality song, I can put it up on my MySpace page. -- Gordon P.
Hey - you know that song If Cupid had a Heart that is play on Hannah Montana? Well, the full version the "If Cupid had a Heart" is now accessible for revenue on the net! It just became accessible yesterday. The singer is Julie Griffin and there"s a whole album - also called If Cupid had actually a Heart. If you love this song, you should inspect out the remainder of the album. (The songs are in a similar style to If Cupid had a Heart!) go fact, in the top section, there"s a Julie Griffin Sampler, which has actually a snippet of every song on the album. Then listed below that ar is where you can buy the downloads of whatever songs friend want.

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If you want to listen "If Cupid had a Heart" by Julie Griffin (the song played in "Hannah Montana"), speak to Radio Disney and request it. Their number is 1-888-327-7018. I heard castle now have actually the complete song!You can also go come and also click "request a song" to inquiry it! (But it"s no on their perform so you"ll have to fill it in)
She doesn"t sing it. The at an early stage movie, obtain A Clue, has it in the scene whereby Jen wakes increase or whatever and also they show eachother their outfits. Therefore no. She simply lypsanch.