Romance and love have the right to be expressed in plenty of different ways, native sayings that present your appreciation, her admiration, and your affection because that someone. There are numerous ways come say to someone ‘I love you’, and Romanians have emerged a plethora of phrases come express your feelings. Below we existing to friend the most romantic ones.

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Same together ‘I love you’, ‘te iubesc’ is the common kind of expressing her feelings of love because that someone. Nothing comparable with French ‘je t’aime‘, Spanish ‘te amo‘, Italian ‘ti amo‘, the expression originates from the ‘a iubi’ verb, obtained from the old Slavic native ‘ljubiti’.

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The supreme kind of expressing your feelings for someone, ‘te ador, meaning ‘I adore you’, is used when you are madly in love through someone.

Meaning ‘I favor you’, Romanians largely use this expression to declare your appreciation for someone. It can be regarded both physical and also personality traits, and it’s often used as soon as you start admiring someone.


Similar come ‘I care around you’, ‘țin la tine’ way that friend have arisen a specific affection because that someone, that you cherish each other. It deserve to be used in between friends, yet many people use it as soon as they worth someone without gift in love.


A tender way of to express the truth that friend care about someone, ‘mă gândesc la tine’ is the tantamount of ‘I am thinking around you’. Romanians mostly use it to express that they miss out on someone.

Mi-e dor de tine’ is an expression that cannot be analyzed word by word, together the noun ‘dor’ does not have actually an tantamount in any type of other language. However, the post transmitted is the very same as ‘I miss out on you’ and can be provided for family, friends and also lovers.

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A genuine way of saying that you are content v someone, ‘mă faci fericit(ă)’ is the exact same as ‘you do me happy’. This expression is largely used by couples to express your beatitude in the relationship.


Aiming to express the perfection of your loved one, ‘ești băiatul/fata visurilor mele’ way ‘you room the guy/girl of mine dreams’. A sentimental method of showing just how much the other method to you.


What can be interpreted to ‘you room a part of me’ is a Romanian saying supplied to express that your lover has end up being your half, that he or she is important to you.

Used to express very solid feelings, ‘ești dragostea vieții mele, translating as ‘you space the love of mine life’, is a statement supplied by the Romanians once they are sure that they will certainly love the other person until the finish of your days.


A beautiful way of saying that you started having actually feelings because that someone, ‘mi-ai intrat în suflet’ method that someone entered into her heart, the you have actually fallen because that someone and that who has become a component of you.

If you fell in love v someone you can say ‘m-am îndrăgostit de tine’, signifying the you’ve started loving the person and have developed solid feelings because that him or her. Being ‘îndrăgostit’ is often linked with a state of bliss and the joy of being in love.

Same as ‘te iubesc din tot sufletul’, this is another method of speak to someone the you love that or her with all her heart and also that you have deep sentiments because that him or her.

Translated as ‘my love is yours’, this speak denotes the you are in love and also conveys feel of trust, pure love, and also a solid connection v the other.

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Meaning ‘you room my soulmate’, this is a means of saying the the other is a part of that you are, equivalent you. Romanians likewise say ‘ești jumătatea mea, meaningyou space my half.

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