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"I have actually BEEN BLESSED" - You should sing this song!

Postby chromcroskerbuts » Thu Aug 21, 2008 4:00 pm

This track is together a blessing come me and my church! I just wanted to share it through ya"ll! It yes, really stirred the spirit of God top top Sunday night in ~ my church. Ns hope the is a blessing come you.1st VerseWhen that walks amongst us, all the He does, every one of His mercy and every one of His love. If the pen of a writer can write every day even this civilization could never contain just exactly how I"ve been blessed / The warm in the winter, the flower in spring, the laughter the summer, and also the changing of leaves. Food on my table, a great place come sleep, clothes on my ago and shoes on mine feet. Oh, I have actually been blessed.ChorusI have actually been blessed, God"s so great to me, valuable are His thoughts of you and me. No means I could count castle there"s not sufficient time, so I"ll simply thank Him for being so kind. God has been good, so good. I have actually been blessed.2nd VerseArms that will certainly raise, a voice that deserve to talk, hand that have the right to touch and legs that deserve to walk. Ear that deserve to listen and eyes that have the right to see, oh, I"ve obtained to worship Him as long as i breathe. Reason I have been blessed / Father and also mother, nurtured and also raised, my sisters and brothers, memories made. Our minister to command us, this altar come pray, Stripes that have the right to heal and also a Blood that deserve to save. Oh, I have been blessed.3rd VerseWe live in a country, the greatest on earth, ours flag represents freedom and what that is worth. She stand in the harbor, Ms. Liberty calls, every have provided some, however some gave it all for me to it is in blessed / A shoulde to skinny on when I to be down, a rock where He leader me once I"m overwhelmed. The ar where the hides me under His wings. He"s not just a song, He"s the reason I sing, Oh, and also I have actually been blessed.

"I have BEEN BLESSED" - You must sing this song!

Postby Guest » Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:08 am

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Our Youth just sang this song tonight in Church....I had actually never heard the before, WOW...it to be awesome..Do you know who wrote the song, or if anyone has actually recorded it? I would certainly love come share the with few of our family and friends.Thanks