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Oof.. I have the biggest crush on mine uncle!! He provides me butterflies every time I watch him. Yesterday us were rough housing and also had me ~ above the floor tickling me. Ns was for this reason horny! ns was so simply wishing he could do something to me yet I’m never alone v him and also know he would more than likely never look in ~ me that way or actually execute anything. Any kind of other girl crush on they uncle?? i feel so terrible and need to get the believed out of my head!


Commented january 20, 2020 23:09 by cotton

Yes I have actually a young niece that flirts v me all the time!

Commented january 21, 2020 01:13 by anonymous

“Yes I have a young niece that flirts with me all the time!”


Commented jan 21, 2020 01:17 by anonymous


She is at sight cute too,she makes me Horny!!

Commented jan 21, 2020 02:23 by anonymous

“She is super cute too,she renders me Horny!!”

Oh wow! my friend likewise likes among her uncles lol. Would u ever do anything w/her?

Commented january 21, 2020 02:27 by cotton

“Oh wow! mine friend likewise likes among her uncles lol. Would certainly u ever before do noþeles w/her? ”

I have to be honest I really desire her bad,she is very sexy confront to feet!

Commented jan 21, 2020 08:20 by cotton

I am sure he’d love to fuck you however you’d have to initiate it.

Commented january 21, 2020 10:05 by anonymous

“I need to be ethical I really desire her bad,she is very sexy challenge to feet!”

If she flirts wit u then what’s up? I median if mine uncle grabs me and also tickles me that might be considered flirting ideal lol? ns jus scared to perform something and him obtain all monster bout that plus we never alone.

Commented jan 21, 2020 10:08 by cotton

“I am sure he’d love come fuck you however you’d have to initiate it. ”

Idk lol. Ns hope so and I’d permit him however it’s for this reason bad! yet I think bout him all the time.

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