: excessive concern about one"s health especially when add by imagined physics ailments but we all have actually just a touch the hypochondria. Who can read the symptoms of bubonic plague and also not cry, "Hey, that sounds choose what I"ve got."— Bob Swift specifically : illness anxiety disorder Hypochondria entails persistent, unfounded fears around having a serious disease. The affects about 5 percent that patients who seek help from primary-care doctors. — The linked Press

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Recent instances on the internet To indicate otherwise is nothing quick of political hypochondria. — Cameron Hilditch, National Review, 12 Aug. 2021 this Sutter pop-up clinics are for urgent care, an interpretation an ailment the lies somewhere in between hypochondria and the emergency room. — Sam Whiting, SFChronicle.com, 18 Apr. 2020 Refinery29 spoke to a young mrs whose hypochondria has spiralled due to the fact that the news damaged that coronavirus had hit the UK. — Jessica Morgan, refinery29.com, 10 Mar. 2020 In Hippocrates’ Aphorisms, hypochondria referred to the soft component of the body below the ribs. — Alyson Pomerantz, Longreads, 3 Sep. 2019 influenced children may have sleep disorders, school difficulties ranging native avoidance and absence to underachievement, self-control problems, and also hypochondria. — Rachel Pearson, The new Yorker, 10 June 2019 In 2001 Ellroy suffered episodes that sleeplessness and hypochondria and, eventually, a concerned breakdown. — The Economist, 8 June 2019 This was absolutely the situation with my battle versus hypochondria. — Liv Boeree, Vox, 30 Nov. 2018 The current psychiatric diagnostic manual has abandoned hypochondria as a disorder, replacing it in 2013 with two new concepts: somatic symptom disorder and also illness stress and anxiety disorder. — New York Times, 18 June 2018

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earlier, "organs the the top abdomen behind the ribs (including the liver and gallbladder, assumed to be the seat of melancholy)," borrowed from late Latin, obtained from Greek hypochóndria, many of hypochóndrion (referring to one of two people the left or best side of these organs), noun derivative native neuter that hypochóndrios "located in ~ the cartilage (connecting the ribs and sternum)," from hypo- hypo- + -chondrios, adjective derivative of chóndros "gristle, cartilage" — more at chondro-

Note: Earlier likewise in the Anglicized type hypochondry, hypocondry, usually in the many hypocondries, as in the following passage native Robert Burton"s Anatomy the Melancholy (Oxford, 1621), p. 25: "The third region is the lower Belly in i beg your pardon the liuer stays … through the remainder of those naturall Organes, seruing for concoction, nourishment, expelling the excrements. This lower an ar is differentiated from the vpper through the Midriffe, or Diaphragma, and is subdiuided againe through some right into three concauities, or regions, vpper, middle, and also lower. The top of the Hypocondries, in whose ideal side is the Liuer, the left the Spleene. from which is denominated Hypocondriacall Melancholy."

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: unusual or too much concern around your wellness : a tendency to are afraid or imagine that you have illnesses that you perform not actually have actually