Members the the divine Cross-Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral gather in Harpersville at Camp Vakakes for their Pascha, or Easter, service. (Contributed)

By NICOLE LOGGINS / employee Writer

HARPERSVILLE — “Christos Anesti” or “Christ is risen” is a traditional greeting amongst Greek Orthodox Christians during their Pascha, or Easter service.

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“One human says ‘Christos Anesti!’ or ‘Christ is risen!’ and the human being with the other egg responds v ‘Alithos Anesti!’ or ‘Truly the is risen!,’” claimed Father Paul Costopoulos.

Unlike various other churches in the area, the holy Trinity-Holy overcome Greek Orthodox Church will celebrate Easter on April 15.

The church will have its Pascha service and also a Greek picnic in ~ Camp Vakakes in Harpersville starting at 11 a.m.

While numerous other denominations will shade Easter eggs colors such together purple, blue, pink or green, Greek Orthodox christians will shade their eggs red.

“We shade Easter egg red,” Costopoulous said. “It’s very common.”


Holy Trinity-Holy overcome member note Boardman tote the traditional red eggs used during Pascha. (Contributed)

Costopoulos explained a Greek Orthodox tradition including the breaking of the red eggs. Celebrants hit their egg versus another’s and also exchange the classic Easter greeting of “Christos Anesti” and also “Alithos Anesti.”

“The red egg symbolizes the blood of Christ top top the cross and also the breaking of the egg symbolizes the resurrection and also the break of tomb,” Costopoulos said.

Typically Greek Orthodox Christians to visit a resurrection service beginning at midnight on Sunday morning, claimed Father Paul Costopoulos.

Costopoulos claimed Easter is probably a much more festive work than also Christmas itself.

“The date is usually the first Sunday complying with the first full moon in feather after the Jewish Passover,” Costopoulos said. “Every four or 5 years we celebrate in addition to other churches.”

The Greek Orthodox Church provides the Julien calendar to calculate the date of Easter every year.

The church purchase a 40-acre home in Harpersville to use the grounds for fellowship events. Costopoulos stated the church bought the property five to 6 years earlier and room in the procedure of building a picnic pavilion and also possibly a chapel.

“It to be a dream that the community to have a ar where we could gather for picnics and also youth events and also other things,” he said. “We discovered the residential property in Harpersville, and we fell in love with it.”

The Agape vespers service, also known as the love service, is a continue of Pascha and also will be held at the boathouse on the property. Afterwards the church will certainly share one Easter meal, which generally consists that lamb, potatoes, salad and dessert.

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The Agape business is carried out in many languages and scriptures are spoken to symbolize the circulation of the resurrection that Christ to all the human being of the world.

“There is fellowship amongst everyone and also games for the children,” Costopoulos said. “The day breaks up around 4:30 p.m. For households to attend added events and also other festivities.”

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