Today’s article deals v the day to day use of decimal numbers making use of money as an instance (and to assist you much better understand it).

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We are going to start with the basics, reviewing what decimal numbers are and also how to read and also write them.

You can use these resources to refresh her memory:

Now that you remember and also have exercised with some of the practice we confirmed you, we room going to use this knowledge to genuine life.

Surely when you have gone shopping with your parental you have seen the most commodities have a price tag and, generally, this price is represented with a decimal number. Money is a really common method of making use of decimal number in ours day come day life: dollars exchange mail to the whole part and cents, the decimal part.

Dollars consists of receipt and coins:

The dollar bills are:$1$2*$5$10$20$50$100The coins are:1¢5¢10¢25¢50¢*$1*

*Although this bills and coins space minted, they room not generally used.

In 1 dollar there room 100 cents and we compose them after ~ a period:

1 cent the a disagreement is composed $0.0110 cents of a disagreement is written $0.101 dollar and 1 cent is written $1.011 dollar and also 10 cents is written $1.10

The same uses to larger numbers:


In this case, we have eleven dollars and fifty-seven cents ($11.57). A dollar is a whole amount and is composed to the left of the decimal. Cents are components of a dollar and we compose them come the appropriate of the decimal.

Take a look at the following image and also look carefully at the table through colored coins and the lot shown. Over there you can see a representation in the kind of bills and also coins:


As you deserve to see, to kind the whole part (eleven dollars), we usage a $10 bill and also a $1 coin. Because that the decimal part, (fifty-seven cents), we use 5 10¢ coins and seven 1¢ coins.

There room two methods to check out this figure:

Eleven dollars and fifty-seven cents.Eleven fifty-seven. We are going to exercise with some exercises making use of decimal numbers

How lot money is there? We are going come express it through decimal numbers:

In this very first example, we have actually $2.31 (two dollars and also thirty-one cents).
In the second $21.40 (twenty-one dollars and also forty cents).
Finally, we have actually $45.01 (forty-five dollars and also one cent).

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Now it’s your turn to practice every day. Every time you walk shopping remember to look because that the decimal numbers that are there, that means you have the right to master this skill and also start utilizing it quickly.

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