Type 1 is a premium-grade, traditional, nonflammable, acrylic adhesive for setup glazed and unglazed ceramic and porcelain tiles on walls, floors and countertops. This adhesive is offered for interior applications only.

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Can I apply Type 1 mastic end a waterproofing membrane?

Ready-to-use brick adhesives such together MAPEI"s Type 1 require a porous substrate to cure properly. They need to not be mounted over a waterproofing membrane.

Can Type 1 mastic be used under cement board?

MAPEI"s Type 1 must not be supplied under cement board. Refer to the cement board manufacturer’s created installation instructions for cement-based mortar recommendations. If the cement board manufacturer recommends a polymer-modified mortar, MAPEI proposal Porcelain tile Mortar. If the cement plank manufacturer proposal a non-modified mortar, MAPEI recommends Uncoupling Membrane Mortar.

Can Type 1 mastic be provided over cement board?

Yes, MAPEI"s Type 1 have the right to be offered to collection tile over cement board and also fiber cement board.

Can Type 1 mastic be provided over drywall?

Yes, MAPEI"s Type 1 can be used to set tile over clean drywall. All areas with wall mud (gypsum-based patching compounds), must be primed with MAPEI"s Primer T™ prior to application of Type 1.

Is over there a border for the tile size?

The maximum size of a tile for use v Type 1 is 6" x 6" on floors and also 12" x 12" ~ above walls.

What is the preferably trowel size that have the right to be used?

A 1/4" x 3/8" x 1/4" square-notch trowel is the maximum trowel size.

Can I usage Type 1 mastic with a radiant-heat flooring system?

MAPEI"s Type 1 need to not be offered with radiant-heat flooring systems. Polymer-modified, cement-based mortars such together MAPEI"s Large brick & stone Mortar are usually recommended for installing tile over radiant-heat systems. Refer to the composed instructions of the radiant-heat manufacturer for recommendations of cement-based mortars.

Can Type 1 mastic be offered outside?

MAPEI"s Type 1 should not be offered for exterior installations. Polymer-modified, cement-based mortars usually recommended for installing brick outside encompass MAPEI"s Large brick & stone Mortar, and MAPEI"s Uncoupling Membrane Mortar combined with MAPEI"s Polymer Additive.

Can Type 1 mastic be used in a pool?

MAPEI"s Type 1 need to not be supplied in submerged applications such as swimming pools. Usage MAPEI"s Mosaic & Glass brick Mortar mosaic and also glass brick mortar combined with MAPEI"s Polymer Additive.

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Can Type 1 mastic likewise be supplied as a grout?

Use this tool to calculation the approximate amounts of commodities needed to finish your project.Coverages provided are for estimating objectives only. Yes, really jobsite coverage may vary according tosuch factors as project conditions and also application methods. Please note that we have added 10% in overageto ensure that your entire project is covered.