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Ok therefore I have a little problem. I push the tribe pop and get nothing. I press and also hold the unlock switch on mine door and press the button and whammy that opens. But what causes the switch not to work how can I fix this. I don"t have a key that turns the trunk lock cylinder so I need to fix this b4 I loose the trunk feature altogether. Many thanks in advance.Grant

Ok therefore I have a little problem. I push the stems pop and get nothing. I press and also hold the unlock button on my door and press the button and also whammy that opens. However what causes the switch not to occupational how can I deal with this. Ns don"t have actually a vital that transforms the stems lock cylinder therefore I need to fix this b4 I loose the trunk function altogether. Thanks in advance.Grant
Genyc07,I’m sorry you are experiencing this concern with her vehicle. For countless 2006 and later vehicle lines, the tribe release switch requires a press and hold prior to the tribe lid will release. If this does no remedy the issue, there might be a connection issue. I sell this as a suggestion, no as a diagnosis.I recommend consulting through a certified technician for an official diagnosis. They will have the ability to offer much more information ~ inspecting the vehicle.If girlfriend need aid locating a technician close to you, you re welcome PM me your zip code.LouisGM customer Service
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Well you"ve thoroughly puzzled me. If you"re referring to a fob button not working that is a really common problem. Google ~ above keylessfix & buy a fob insert. They work great for solving GM fobs through flakey buttons. If you mean the door switch does not job-related there are several feasible reasons.
Not the fob the trunk release on the door. The tribe will only release when I hold the the door unlock switch then push the trunk pop switch on the door. It will not release regularly. The switch will occupational a few times after this process which ns looked increase online however goes right ago to dummy mode by the next day. Checked the tribe fuse found in the trunk(who"s stupid idea was it to placed the fuse over there btw) the looks fine so ns don"t understand what to check next.

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Genyc07,The tribe release function (button) situated inside the auto will just open if the vehicle is stationary.You may also consider instead of the stems fuse.If this concern persists, i recommend having actually the auto inspected, there might be a link issue.LouisGM client Service
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I say thanks to you because that responding to my article Louis. As I claimed in the previous write-up I checked the fuse the good. (Btw why would certainly anyone think the is a an excellent idea to placed the trunk fuse in the trunk? That"s favor look the combination to your safe in the for sure so girlfriend won"t loose it). That would be a good suggestion to give to r and d. Obtain the tribe fuse ~ above gm cars relocated to one of the many other fuse locations. As far as acquisition the car to a gm shop I"m sad come say that will not occur at the very least not in my area. Pm me because that details if concerned. For this reason I"m left through other drivers input as soon as it concerns diagnostics top top this car. I will be check the relations for the trunk pop switch when the warms up simply a little. It"s neg 4 below today so ns won"t be transforming any wrenches or anything else of the sort. 06 g6 178k serviced through me from job one and runs better than factory. Mean mpg 31. Either means I appreciate any kind of other feed back anyone might have and suggestions specifically if the MSG doesn"t say go to the dealership or check something I stated I checked in the vault post.