You should have actually in front of you one of two people a TI-30X IIS or a TI-30X IIB. The difference in between these calculators is that the IIS is Solar Powered, and also the IIB is Battery Powered.One the the first things you"ll should do is revolve your calculator on. This is easy; in the lower left corner there is a switch labeled ON. Press this once. Notice that over the ON button, over there is smaller text that says OFF. This way that the ON button is provided for 2 purposes: to turn the calculator onand to turn it off. How do you usage the OFF feature? press the switch in the upper left corner labeled2nd, then push the ON button.In general, press the 2nd button any type of time you desire to use alternate definition of a button. For example, to get the % function, press 2nd, and then the open up parenthesis key.Your calculator has actually a the majority of settings that you can never use (things prefer FIXED notation, or RADIAN mode), but if you"re no paying attention to what you"re doing, you could accidentally acquire your calculator in various settings than you want. (Or you can loan the calculator to a girlfriend who transforms the settings). If this happens, you"ll want to be able to get the calculator back to that "normal" mode.To carry out this girlfriend will reset the calculator. Have the right to you uncover the indigenous "RESET" top top the calculator? It"s right over the number zero. So to reset the calculator, you"ll should press 2nd, and then press 0.Notice the the calculator reflects a article that looks favor this: RESET: N YIt"s asking you to pick between N for "no" and Yfor "yes"You deserve to choose Y by using the Right Arrow key. That"s the vital in the upper right edge that looks choose an arrowhead pointing come the right. Press that key once, and also then press ENTER.The calculator will now tell you MEM CLEARED. Therefore not only did the calculator change your settings ago to normal; it also cleared the memory. (We"ll talk about the storage later).

There is another way to reset her calculator, and also it involves pressing two keys at the very same time. PressON and if you"re tho holding that crucial down, press CLEAR. This time it won"t ask friend a question; it"ll simply reset the calculator.All of this is important, yet we haven"t even used the calculator to deal with a math problem. So let"s perform that next.

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Suppose we wanted to find the product of 57 and 192.It"s easy to do; just press the number secrets 5 and also 7, adhered to by the plus button, followed by the numbers 1, 9, and also 2.And now, when you"ve looked at the screen to make sure you typed that correctly, push the "equals" orENTER button. You should see the answer on your screen.