Trading is a great way to get limited or minimal Unique item inRoblox, but you"re no always easily accessible to profession at a desktop PC. If it"s no the many convenient way to profession items, commerce on Roblox mobile is tho possible; it just takes a couple of extra steps.

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How to profession on Roblox Mobile

To profession on Roblox mobile, you must trick her web web browser into reasoning it is on a desktop computer site. This is due to the fact that the Roblox developers disabled trade on mobile devices. Trading on Roblox mobile is a complicated process, but it is still possible.

Some things to consider first:

You need to be aRobloxPremium member come trade. You have to have trade enabled in her Privacy settings. You must own Limited/Limited U items in her avatar Inventory.

Check out our overview on exactly how to trade in Roblox for an ext information.

Note: Although numerous Roblox gamings (like embrace Me) enable players to trade in-game, those types of trades only occupational for in-game item -- this guide will not help you profession in-game content.

To trade through Roblox football player on mobile, follow these steps:

go to the main Roblox website on a mobile internet browser, i.e. Safari or Google Chrome. Go to the player"s Profile you intended to trade. Choose Request desktop computer Site. Safari: Click the aA button, located left the the URL bar. Google Chrome: Click the the Three Dots button, situated bottom-right. Role down till you discover Request desktop computer Site.


Click the three Squares button, located to the right of the player"s name. Select the Trade Items option.

From there, you can trade with any type of player just how you would certainly on PC.

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