Using a spray gun come repaint interiors or exteriors is a fast and efficient process.

However, you will need to slim the water-based paints that you desire to apply.

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The reason is an easy as spray firearms require reasonably thinner repaint to freely circulation through the gun and to be applied on surfaces as contrasted to brushes or rollers.

Thinning the paint is cheap and fairly easy to perform if you understand how to gain the best consistency or viscosity.

Of course, utilizing a spray gun will mean knowledge the meaning of water-based paint, why it requirements to be thinned, and also how to thin it properly.

Let’s resolve all your questions concerning how to slim water-based or latex paints because that the spray pistol in the post below…

What is Water-Based Paint?

For indoor and outdoor painting, there room two basic types of paints, alkyd, and also latex.

Alkyd paint is oil-based which way that it uses a petroleum base as its solvent. Latex is water-based, which means that it offers water as its solvent.

Until recently, alkyd paints were recommended for spray guns because they space thinner compared to water-based paints.

They flow through the spray evenly and because they take longer to dry, lock did no clog the nozzle that the sprayer.

However, advancements in water-based paints linked with the issue of making use of petroleum-based paints, specifically indoors have led to more people utilizing water-based paints for spray guns.

Keep in mind the latex and acrylic repaint is the very same thing together they are both water-based products.

You can use the paints the same method and thin them through water once you have to run them v a spray gun.

Why perform You have to Thin Water-Based Paint?

Although it may seem indigenous the summary that water-based repaint should have no worry with spray guns, the truth is the you will need to thin the repaint for the to job-related properly.

That is due to the fact that this form of repaint is as well thick come be used with a spray gun.

Especially if you space using an HVLP sprayer or any other fine end up guns that need thin paint for it to occupational properly.

Water-based latex paints are mostly designed for the brush or roller, no to it is in sprayed.

You can see through the viscosity levels of water-based paints which often tend to be fairly thick to enable the paint to stick come the surface when using a brush or roller.

But if working v spraying guns, girlfriend will have to take a small time to thin the paint so the it will certainly not clog her spray gun.

If friend think that the extra time may not be precious it, psychic that using paint with a spray gun often tends to be faster and also can be done evenly.

So it may make up for the time you spent diluting the paint.


What is the finest medium to thin water-based paint?

Your ideal bet to slim water-based latex paints for sprayer guns is water.

Make sure that friend stray turn off from using any type of other medium, particularly when you are using good spray guns.

Many human being make failure by choosing products such as Floetrol for thinning the paint.

But save in mind, it’s no a solvent to be provided for thinning water-based latex paints because that spray guns.

Floetrol is basically a repaint conditioner (meant to condition the paint) and also it works in different ways than water.

Can you use repaint thinner to slim latex paints?

Alcohol or any other oil-based solvents (like repaint thinners, and mineral spirits) are meant to slim oil-based paints and not water-based latex paints.

If you shot to include petroleum-based assets to slim latex paint, it will only “gel” the repaint thereby creating a messy product that is unusable.

In a pinch, if girlfriend don’t have actually water easily accessible you can use rubbing alcohol or isopropil alcohol (IPA) because that latex.

Even better, if you want to usage it, you should very first check the manufacturer accuse on the repaint tin prior to thinning.

If it permits using alcohol make sure that you perform not usage water with alcohol.

Tips for making use of Your Wagner Spray Gun through Water Based Paints

Once you space ready, you deserve to load the spray gun with the amount of paint that you desire to use.

Depending top top the architecture of the gun, you may need to put the paint into a separate container that tons the gun.

When you are all set to spray, hold the gun several inches indigenous the surface and also apply nice, also coats by gradually going back and soon or up and also down.

You’ll desire an even layer to stop thick spots that may distort the figure of the repaint on the surface.

It does not take lengthy to get the right method down, so once you are comfortable v spraying the paint, friend should be able to complete a single coat in a fairly short time.

You might want to practice on scrap wood or one more surface to acquire the method right and also understand exactly how the repaint is effectively applied.

This will also let you understand if the paint is leaving the spray gun effectively or needs to it is in thinned even more.

Once you have completed a day’s work, clean the spray pistol nozzle of every paint.

This will help keep the from clogging as you load up the repaint for the next day’s work.

The Bottom Line

Professionals recommend spraying latex paints for the best possible protection and also outcome on her project.

However, spraying water-based paints involves an initial thinning out and also then using a spray applicator prefer a repaint sprayer.

The benefits of making use of a spray gun are considerable when you deserve to properly thin the water-based paints (like latex, polyurethane, etc) that room being used.

Remember to thin out water-based enamel repaint slowly, so girlfriend can apply it same to the surfaces both inside and outside your home.

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Simply stick come this expert paint thinning overview to certain a healthy and also shiny project that stays clean and also polished because that years ~ your job finishes.