Change up your format with a bang! Literally. The classic 70’s styles are back. Clock this video tutorial together Sam Villa, Redken fifth Avenue worldwide Artistic Ambassador and the Co-Founder & Chief an imaginative Officer of Sam Villa Company bring away you with the actions of how to cut contemporary curtain bangs making use of a razor.

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A hairstyle trend began in the 1970’s likewise referred to together “Bardot bangs”. Face framing bangs parted in the middle with steady length on every side that frequently have a grown-out look through wispy or edgy ends.

The perfect accessory to any type of hairstyle!


Razors produce shaggy, grown-out edges best due to the fact that of the uneven edges, matches the smooth chisels on a pair the shears. This razors are ergonomic so friend can easily twist and rotate because that comfort without the problem of hurting your wrist or hand!

There are several different species of chisels you can use for your preferred end result. For this haircut us will use a straight edge v a guard.

The Sam Villa Signature series Razor also has a 6-gap blade for tool texture and also 9-gap blade for an ext texture so girlfriend can accomplish any layout your customer desires!



Create a deep triangular ar using Sam Villa Signature series Short cut Comb:

begin at the highest allude of the head. Hot tip: If you lay a comb horizontal across the top of the head, the allude at which the comb touches the head and also balances on its own (without hold it) is the highest point. Carve a diagonal heat from the highest allude to fulfill the corner of the left eye. Carve a diagonal line from the highest suggest to meet the corner of the ideal eye. Clip away the rest of the hair at the earlier of the head. Break-up the triangle section in 2 (left and also right) utilizing the bridge of the sleep as a guide.

We will be cutting each ar at horizontal elevation and also cutting native the inside, out for textured layers.

Stand directly in former of the triangular section. Beginning with the appropriate section, comb the ar straight in the direction of you. Tight the ar in-between your forefinger and middle finger. discover your cutting guide by bringing the whole right ar down come the nose and placing your fingers in ~ the guideline of the nose. Secure your fingers at this guide. host the section parallel to the ceiling with fingers put at the cutting guide. Weave your razor with your ar as you would weave a highlight using a tail comb. Revolve the blades of the razor facing down to cut the hair weaved out (on the bottom). Slightly relocate your razor up and down until you reduced all hair. Location your razor perpendicular to the remainder of the section and also glide against the hair using longer strokes. Repeat the same an approach for the left section.

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Mist Redken One united on the hair you simply cut. Usage Sam Villa Artist series Blow Dryer and Cutting Comb to direct the hair indigenous left to right as you punch dry. Use stress with your comb come reinforce smoothness.


There you have it. A rapid step-by-step guide to cutting modern-day day curtain bangs!