Made a large batch of shrimp, sausage, ham, and also chicken and okra in a 5 gallon pot yesterday. Let the cool top top the stovetop and then placed it in the fridge last night. This morning once we take it it out, it to be cooled, but bubbling. The shrimp is soft, everything else tastes fine, but there might be the slightest "off" taste. Is that spoiled?

Made it for a large party this evening - don"t desire to death everyone!

Possibly. Fridging a pot that big is never ever a good idea. The center of the pot--especially--takes too long to cool. One of two people the components should have been transferred to several little containers and cooled prior to fridging or the whole pot should have actually been inserted in the sink and surrounded by ice cream water, stirred frequently, ice changed as needed, till rather chilled, prior to fridging.

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Spoilage bacteria rarely reason illness. Pathogens and also toxigens do--but they neither have nor produce off spices or odors.


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Posted September 27, 2008


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Posted September 27, 2008

It"s an old one but I"ll say it anyway... Once in doubt, throw it out.

If ns decide to eat something I"m not sure around and spend some time kneeling before the almighty porcelain the was mine choice. Offer it come a bunch of unsuspecting people isn"t cool.

It"s kinda favor wrestling a gorilla... You don"t stop when you"re tired, friend stop once the gorilla is tired.

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Mayhaw Man

Posted September 27, 2008

Mayhaw Man society staff emeritusLocation:Raleigh, NC
Posted September 27, 2008

Coupla things, the first not having anything to execute with spoilage-

You should have actually waited to put the shrimp in till just before you served. They cook in a minute or two and also they will be much an ext enjoyable if lock aren"t overcooked moosh. Uneven here, you pay alot for them, so they have to be treated through care.

Now, because that the gumbo, as stated above, you should have broken it up into seperate containers. I generally use some fifty percent hotel pans the I have if I must break miscellaneous down and also cool the quickly.

Also, you have to not ever before seal gumbo, or any soup, if hot and stick that in the fridge. That holds in the warmth even much more and slows under the cooling procedure and raises the chances for trouble.

As for serving tonight, i (and this is simply me-I am no a food scientist-just a cook) would most likely make certain that it to be heated every the method through to nearly boiling, rotate it come a short simmer, save it there because that a while, and also feel confident the I had actually killed something that can be growing in it (and there probably isn"t something anyway, but it"s better to it is in safe than sorry).