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I hope this topic hasn"t to be played out. Ns did a search with the archives however only found bits and also peices that info.So the question is this: What is the difference between a 327 and a 350? Is there anything particularly an excellent about having actually a 327? I"m additionally having problem figuring out what year/type it is. Ns was told it was a corvette motor probably from 1963. Can anyone confirm? The number on the is: 3782870. There are pix below if everyone would prefer to look: 327Thanks in development for any help.
The only distinction I know of is the stroke. The bore is the same.327 =4.000" x 3.25"350 =4.000" x 3.48" (Gen.I, 5.7" rod)350 =4.000" x 3.48" ("96-"01,Gen.I,Vortec,5.7"rod)350 =3.900" x 3.66" ("89-"95, "LT5", in "ZR1" Corvette 32-valve DOHC, 5.74" rod)I found this info on www.mortec.comyou can even look up your engine #"s to discover out what the 327"s were put in.
The main difference is stroke, the 350 has 3.48 together opposed to the 3.25 327. If it come from the "67 on her pic it"s more than likely a 327 ( can be a 307) the pics verified what looked choose a powerpack set of heads, for this reason it could be one of two people of the people mentioned. I don"t have the #"s handy however will examine at the shop and also if someone rather hasn"t post by climate I"ll re-post.
Doublevision is correct. A bit more info; this spreading number was provided from 62-67. The 63, 327, 300 HP Vette was casting # 3830944. However, the motor could be unique ordered into around any 63 Chevy product in those days and have been discovered in 4 doors and pickups, so story go!!Trees
There is a date code somewere ~ above the block and the #s stamped top top the altenator pad can tell ya what it was in.Theres generally a 2 or 3 letter code on the pad choose CMJ or something.Allot of old motors publications list the letter codes.

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Thanks because that the reminder 78 monte, I"ll have a look next time I"m under the hood.Rodrunner, what specifically does the difference in stroke mean for the engine? I"m still brand-new at this.

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